iPhone "Expose" Shown Off for Jailbreak!

It seems like just the other day TiPb linked to a concept rendering of what Apple's Mac Expos&eacute might look like for the iPhone, and now Steve Troughton-Smith, creator of Stacks for iPhone, has gone and brought it to Jailbreak.

It's not publicly available yet, not via Cydia much less via Apple. But do we want?

[Slashgear via Engadget Mobile]

Rene Ritchie

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  • heck yes we want it. especially with so many apps installed. one might say it would be hard to find the app you are looking for but not true. i'm sure if you are like me, then you are familiar enough with your iphone that you know which apps are on what home screen and what a miniature version of that home screen looks like. now if i could just get blackra1n to jailbreak my phone without going non responsive on me that would be great,
  • I could see this being helpful but not sure how much I'd use it
  • 1st! Stick it Ted!
  • @Johnathan
    Restore to new phone 3.1.2 would be my suggestion.
    What exactly is the issue you're having? 3gs? Windows? 3.1.2 OTB?
  • If its not slow like that, I want!
  • Nice idea, but too slow drawing the screen.
  • Yeah, the redraw seems incredibly slow. I'd rather have an official version of category folders. blackra1n does seem to work least buggily with a freshly restored 3.1.2 for some reason.
  • Great for those with several screens. But not for those with two or three screens, where swiping is still quicker.
    I still believe Jobs watches this stuff on the jailbroken iPhone he has hidden in his sock drawer.
  • i noticed the phone had his memory at the top. Does anyone know what app hes using to show that? seems pretty helpful.
  • Was that Steve Jobs or Bill Gates passing out and falling to the floor off-camera at the beginning? Neat stuff.
    I guess I don't have enough apps loaded to truly enjoy it. I'm still happy with four pages and occasional pruning of stuff I don't use.
  • @DustinAE
    Its under SBSettings: Extras & Options: *Statusbar Free Mem
  • and I'm constantly trying to hone down the number of apps I have on my phone…
  • Thanks Matt
  • I wouldnt really need it. But then again even on my mac I don't use my expose. So....
  • I only have 4 pages at the moment, and it's not really impressive enough for me to want. Just like stacks, which never has worked like the true version for me, it's just another cool, but not real useful tool found on the JB side of things
  • It's a great proof of concept, but I'm not sure how much better that is vs just searching.
  • Do we need it when we have universal search??
  • @zeagus
    I think it has to do with previous jailbreaks using other methods to exploit, but I could be wrong. Unless your phone was never jailbroken, I would restore and do it fresh from there.
  • I want this TiPB keep us posted for when this become available
  • Of course we want it. Stacks is one of the best features of my JB 3G, especially with the new update. STS is a great developer and I would support Expose' any day. Bring it, today...please.
  • i agree, with the universal search, what is the point of needing it? Seems to be much easier and quicker than expose would be.
  • Wish Stack would get finished. Or even to a beta state. Can't see much use for Expose myself, but STS is definitely a skilled coder. Good work.
  • Yes, we do want. Who doesn't like to show off the capabilites of your iPhone to some berry users ah?
    I want it, badly, and I want it NOW!
  • @Matt: wow really man? i use expose( & spaces) ALL the time. Would be great on the iPhone for people with many pages
  • I would love to have that on a nonjailbreak! I would love to have Stacks as well.
  • No.
  • much preferred the other one w/ coverflow....likely to never happen
  • Get rid of all the stupid icons Apple.
  • I have wanted the exposé feature ever since the rumored JB app TapSB that never came to be.
  • I JB for use of sbsettings and a wallpaper. This would add to that. It seems slow now but I bet it will be brilliant on release. Keep us updated
  • I say we WANT .. for iPhone even.
  • App in Cydia now: Orbit
    uses the same concept
  • Not exactly Expose.
  • Loved reading this.