iPhone Games Ported to PSPgo Play Worse, Cost More

The PSPgo is Sony's answer to the iPhone in a post-App Store world, but unfortunately it looks like charging more for poorly ported games is the question. Gizmodo explains the obvious -- to everyone but Sony -- problem:

You see, PSP Minis can't have any network or online features. Nor can they support camera peripherals (a major focus of DSiWare innovation) or DLC. Kotaku just reviewed iPhone port Hero of Sparta. On the PSP it costs triple what you'll pay at the App Store. Their review? "Simplistic controls, muddled graphics and abysmal sounds turn what was a fantastic iPhone game into a oddly disjointed Playstation Portable experience." Kotaku's review of Tetris was much better. But you know what? Tetris costs twice as much on the PSP as it does the iPhone.

Just like ATRAC and rootkits (ouch, we know), we're beginning to wonder if anyone at Sony will ever get this brave, new, post-iPhone world?

Rene Ritchie

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