iPhone hit by yet another daylight savings time alarm bug

Seems like Apple just can't get their alarms to work consistently following time changes. The bug struck again, according to BBC News, as some iPhone owners in the UK were late for work this morning after the clocks moved forward an hour for British Summer Time. Similar problems occurred during the switch to and from standard time in North America, and following New Year.

This time the glitch is not with the iPhone’s clock application but is affecting non-recurring alarms set within the iPhone's calendar application. The alarms either go off one hour late, or not at all. We are not quite sure why anyone would want to set up a morning wakeup call in this way in the first place, but the bug could also affect agenda alarms too.

I am in the UK and my alarm went off without a hitch today and all my agenda reminders too. Did any of our UK readers experience any alarm related problems this morning? Let us know in the comments!

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