iPhone is Flickr King Once Again!

We had originally reported that the iPhone was the most popular camera phone on Flickr, the popular photo sharing website, way back in May, pre-3G. Well, it lost that title for a brief moment and only re-gained it recently. I'm only guessing but it probably had to do with the 3 million iPhone 3Gs that took the market by storm. Either way, the iPhone being the King of Flickr should force Apple to take notice and improve the camera already.

Where's my auto-focus, zoom, better resolution, better lens, video, etc. !? I think Apple is severely underestimating the appeal of a great camera. Hopefully, they'll recognize the iPhone Camera's limitation and create an industry-leading device. We here at TiPb like to dream big.

What do you think?


  • Maybe even sooner it will get Flickr to make an iPhone app, for the love of god! ;)
  • I'm not trying to bust on flicker or anything... but i signed up for an account recently... and the website is well... to NOT church it up.. It's trashy...
    I don't like it. It's way to busy, there's crap everywhere... what's up with that? I heard so much about flicker and i get to the site and there's way to much going on. I just want a nice Picture site, simple but powerful with features behind the scenes. I don't want crap all over my screen. It took me about 10 minutes just to figure out what my flicker "feed" was.
    Just my 2 cents... flicker itself needs to be cleaned up.
  • Yeah, right, a good camera...then what...picture messaging??? LOL...crazy dreamer...
  • The third gen will have a better camera and video as well. You can bet your buck on it! =)
    That's just how Jobs is doing it. He's milking this wonderful device, Why release it the first year with EVERYTHING on it? you gotta make us look forward to something and come out with something new once a year, So you can re release it once a year. =)
    iPhone Third release? Better camera and video FOR SURE!
  • If it's already the Flickr king, why bother improving the camera? I'm afraid that's how Apple is going to look at it.
  • Compared with my old HTC TyTN the iphone camera is quite good. Perhaps the Flickr stat porn shows the camera isn't bad?
  • Yeah, I vote for video too!
  • auto-focus and zoom are problematic from an engineering perspective. they impact the form factor and require mechanical parts that drain the battery.
    the iphone is solid state and i don't expect to see that change by adding continually whirring servos around a zoom lens.
    on the other hand, we're going to see video and higher resolution on the next version, i agree.
  • one other thing .. flickr records iPhone uploads using EXIF data, which the iPhone strips when you email a photo to flickr .. so the only iPone photos that flickr registers are ones uploaded by APPs that retain the EXIF or photos uploaded from a computer [iPhoto]
    so if you imagine all the photos emailed to flickr, the iPhone stats would be even higher.
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