iPhone Now Owns the Title of "Most Popular Camera on Flickr"

It was just over a year ago that the iPhone became the undisputed champion of cell phone cameras on Flickr. Without a doubt, the modern day cell phone camera has become a serious photographic tool and thanks to the release of iPhone 3GS, the iPhone has stepped into 1st place in upload popularity of all cameras just ahead of Cannon's Digital Rebel XTi.

Now we all are aware that the three megapixel camera on the iPhone 3GS is not the best out there but it does it's job fairly well. The main reason for it's popularity on Flickr is convenience. Not only do you carry your iPhone everywhere you go, unlike a regular camera, you also have the ability to upload directly from the device. Convenience reigns supreme.

It was only a matter of time before iPhone was crowned the undisputed overall champion of the Flickr world.

[Via Electronista]

  • Apple.... Taking over the world, one day at a time.
  • i mean any genius would of saw dis comen
  • Don't tell the camera makers or it will be another antitrust lawsuit!
  • Its all about the speed and convenience.
    Nobody does this stuff on non 3G phones. Its possible, but so slow no one wants to deal with it.
    With 6 or 7 apps on the app store dealing with Flikr, its no wonder its popular on the iPhone.
    Or does it have more to do with the lack of MMS so you HAVE TO do it this way just to send a picture your friends can view without going to their email? Is this just another example of an Apple FAIL being played up as another success story?
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  • and so i stay on topic, i don't use flickr. instead, i post my pics/vids to my blog on posterous. being able to email multiple photos via the native email client now enables me to do this without an app. i love posterous!
  • I am hoping next year we have a much more better iPhone with high resolution Camera..
    What about an HD recording ?
  • Hmm, not too sure about some of the conclusions you jump to here. I'd be interested to see the stats on how many are uploading to flickr through 3g and apps. I put loads of iphone photos on my flickr account but I upload nearly all of them through my pc in the normal way, using an app to upload is tiresome and involves using the iphone's increasingly irritating keyboard.
    I reckon there's 3 main reasons for its success:
    1 - tiny file sizes mean that images are painless to upload from your desktop. Slow upload times make it a pain to upload the images from my dslr
    2 - The convenience you mention in the article, the iphone is with me everywhere I go.
    3 - Camera apps mean that I don't have to open Photoshop to produce creative images
  • Most Popular pictures on the world will be :D