iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 is Out

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch developers: get yourself over to Apple's developer center, as iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 is ready for you to download, a mere two weeks after Beta three was unleashed for your coding pleasure. As MacRumors and Engadget note, it's too early to say what magical new capabilities are to be found here - but don't let that stop you.

Dieter Bohn
  • Yay....!!! Well kinda.
  • isnt it kinda late for them to release 3.2 when 4.0 is coming in less than 3 months.?
  • Who said 4.0 is coming ?
  • Maybe 4.0 isn't coming because of the iPad or will be delayed because of iPad.
  • Probably won't be worth losing the jailbreak over this one.
  • So is this for the iPhone now or still just the iPad?
  • No 4.0 for iPhone is my guess. It seems Apple can't do more than 1 thing at a time these days. Right now, it's iPad time, unfortunately.
  • @jtz5 I'd have to disagree with you on that one. Apple has multiple departments for each of their products. I'm sure they have a brand new team for the iPad, which collaborates with the iPhone team. You think they aren't making improvements to their OS X either? Or any other of their products just because their releasing a new one? The iPhone is HUGE. They wouldn't let it slip away.
  • Yeah they really can't afford to let the iphone slip up now, especially in the face of SO many competitors that are working day and night to surpass. It is only a matter of time before Android becomes at least as capable, if not more so, unless Apple steps it up this summer. This is their last chance to shine.
  • Don't get me wrong...I love the iPhone (this is my 3rd after 2g, 3g and now 3gs). I just get frustrated when basic functions don't appear on the iPhone 3 years after the 2g was introduced (full Bluetooth profile, saving files to iPhone, multitasking, FM radio, etc). Competitors have all of those functions in their phones.
    It's like having HD tv when it first came out, but having to get up to change the channel, IMO. I want those basic functions.
  • @Jtz5
    So, after 3 iphones, still, you don't get the general idea?
  • General idea??? My point is that I love all the NEW features the iPhone gives me (incl app store), but just wish Apple would also include the features that are part of every smartphone.
  • I get what jtz5 is saying.
    IMO, Apple is behind on many things at this point. Most everything we're "Oooohing" and "Ahhhhing" over when new updates are released, should have been there in the first place.
    I love my iPhone, but the competitors are starting to get an edge here. And I'm really REALLY hoping Apple steps their game up this summer. We haven't had a legitimate update in 6 months. I honestly think they're trying to protect OS 4.0 so that the competitors don't steal their ideas before the announcement. Which is smart, but not fair for us consumers when there's so many bugs at the moment. It seems they're using all their resources towards 4.0, rather than building a better 3.X.
  • So it appears this is for the IPAD ONLY!
    ffs guys how hard is it to make the headline "Phone SDK 3.2 Beta 4 for IPAD is Out"
    Not all of us have or want iPads. We do however have iPhones. Yes its iphone OS but its for the IPAD! Cant you please, for the 4th time, make the distinction clear?!
  • @jtz5: I think you'll find most other phones that do have all the features you describe simply aren't as polished as the iPhone. There's a tradeoff that every company has to make: polish vs features and Apple prefers polish. And Apple have arguably been proven right in this strategy. They went from a computer maker with no presence in an already crowded mobile phone market to something like the 3rd largest smartphone company in a matter of 2 1/2 years.
    Even with all the money they have they cannot simply throw more developers and testers at their products. It just doesn't work like that in my experience as a developer who has had to hire other developers. For starters, complex software must be designed first and only so many cooks can be involved at that stage. Even after that there are only so many highly talented developers in the world that can work together without tripping up over each other's code or egos.
    I think that given the lack of even minor firmware releases leading up to the iPad release Apple are definitely pooling resources for the iPhone OS & SDK development. Having said that, I think Apple also prefer to have all the hype centered on one product at time, so even if they were capable of making major new product releases at or around the same time they wouldn't due to marketing and mind share, etc.
  • you guys are forgeting the same company that first detected devices running OS 3.2 at apple campus just before the ipad event, also detected other devices RUNNING OS 4.0, probably iPhones. Of course they will announce it soon, but probably only after ipad release
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  • Who would want/need a FM radio anywhere in their life let alone their phone. Is this the 80's again, are you hoping to make a mix tape and try ur hardest to not record an ad by mistake? Come on JTZ5!!!!!
  • @Stephen-
    I work out and the TVs in the gym turn the audio feed to FM frequency. You would know that if you went to the gym...you should try it some time. Come on Stephen!!!
  • iPhone OS 4.0 beta 2 download