Read Write Web has posted the findings of mobile analytics firm Flurry. They break it down as follows:

  • Apps (see charts above) put the iPhone staggeringly ahead in terms of active developers, applications developed, and consumer usage. (note: lack of analytics use by BlackBerry devs likely skews those numbers).
  • Smartphones are being used more than ever
  • iPhone apps, if they're marketed effectively, are making strong development houses millions of dollars.
  • iPhone apps are becoming "hit-driven" like the music industry.
  • Free versions help sell paid apps
  • Only 10% of users update their apps (we're not sure if that's skewed by other platforms, Apple makes it simple to update).

It's important to remember that with this type of analytics, results are hyper-dependent on what's included (and what's missing) from the data set. If nothing else, however, iPhone developers are getting more attention from, and making greater use of, market analytics at the moment.

That said, anyone surprised by these numbers?