iPhone Unleashed Now Available in App Store!

What? Why are you still reading this? Lightsaber Unleashed, the THQ'd official re-release of the PhoneSaber application, is now available from the App Store.

Got it? Good. What do you think? Better than the original? Or totally prequel'd?

Our take after a quicky first look? The UI is... er... underwhelming considering the LucasArts resources. The advertising for the Force Unleashed would be grating if we didn't understand it was basically subsidizing this freebie (and curse the iPhone sandboxing for not letting it know we already bought the dang Force Unleashed, and disabling the adware!) Tying it to the Force Unleashed also, and unfortunately, limits us to that universe and its characters (one of which I would say demands a SPOILER WARNING, THQ!). No Luke, no Yoda, no Mace Windu (no purple!), no Obi-Wan, etc. On the plus, side, we get music!

Bad Ash Bonus from Jeremy: When you are in the app you will see stars in the background that shine every once in a while. Tap on them for a little voice action... (depending on the character you select).

Nice! And, again, it's back and its still free.

(Thanks Cherryhead25 for the tip!)

Rene Ritchie

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