One of our favorite apps on the Mac -- and the iPhone -- is on sale for today only:

First, we have partnered with macZOT! to bring you a special deal! This Thursday, Oct 30th, for one day only, 1Password will be available for an incredible 50% off its regular price: 1Password Halloween Special!

The 1Password iPhone App is, of course, free, but the Mac app is usually $39 bucks, so this is almost a full $20 off. Of course, some people will complain it's not "free" as well, but then these same people typically don't work for free either, as trying to feed a family doesn't work for "free". Support great software and great developers will be here to support us with even more great apps.

Typically among the very first apps I install when I'm setting up a system, flawless password management and syncing make this not only a "just works" but a "must have". (Plus, their UI and general graphic design work is awesome, and that hooks me every time!)

Get it before the stroke of midnight!