iPhone at Work: Law Enforcement

How does a law enforcement officer use his iPhone to get the job done and what iPhone apps help get him through his day? TiPb’s iPhone at work contest aims to bring you just such slices of the iPhone life. Here’s trooperoutlaw's answer and as a small token of thanks we’re sending him a $20 iTunes gift certificate. If you want to see your name up on the TiPb home page and get a gift certificate all your own, head on over to the TiPb iPhone Forum and share your story now!

I am in law enforcement and I use my iPhone everyday for work.

I use the iPhone's email app for my agency's email. It works great and helps me stay up to date on my agency email when accessing a computer isn't possible.

Evernote is great for courtroom testimony. I use it to quickly access case notes I have saved, as well as accessing case law I have saved into my Evernote. It is also great for taking a snapshot of a subpoena or business card and having it searchable after you sync. Other than email and calendar, Evernote is my most used app.

Spanish for Police app is amazing and has proven to be beneficial to me in my job. When talking to a spanish speaking people, it is almost impossible to communicate without this app. (for me at least).

I use iPhone's calendar app for all my scheduling. I think it is perfect for my uses. It does everything I want it to as well as keeping in sync with my Macbook Pro. I mostly use it to keep track of my appointments and court dates.

iOwn is a great inventory app that is helpful. I use it to keep up with items and serial #'s of both personal and agency owned equipment. Unfortunately, it has been pulled from the app store due to some type of trademark infringement from what I can tell.

Errands is a great app for keeping up with certain tasks that need to be done. I use it to keep track of certain citations I want to keep track of and see the disposition after adjudication. I like it because it puts the little number icon on the app so it is easy to see how may tasks that are left to complete.

The iPhone is a very useful tool in law enforcement. However, not many of my fellow officers use them (at least in my area). A lot of the officers are carrying more rugged type phones.

Do you also work in law enforcement? If so, what apps do you use to while on the job?

Leanna Lofte

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