Bluebonnet Full-Grain Leather MagSafe Case review: A love affair with leather

Review: The iPhone feels as good as it looks in the Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case. This silky leather is grippy, smooth, and self-healing.

Bluebonnet Full-Grain Leather MagSafe Case with box
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iMore Verdict

Crafted from fine leather in Texas, the Leather MagSafe Case from Bluebonnet is easy on the eyes and smooth to the touch.


  • +

    Soft, supple leather

  • +

    High-quality craftsmanship

  • +

    Grippy feel and self-healing surface

  • +

    Strong MagSafe magnets


  • -

    Could use more substantial screen protection

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max may not be the newest iPhone on the block anymore, but it does look like the classiest iPhone in this fine leather case by Bluebonnet. Here you have silky smooth touchability combined with copper metallic buttons and a microfiber lining that keeps the iPhone snug and safe. When you add strong MagSafe magnets to boot, it's basically the perfect leather case.

I've used Bluebonnet cases before and I'm always impressed by their craftsmanship. Since Bluebonnet's wallet cases are not MagSafe-compatible, however, I have been unable to use them with my MagSafe mounts and chargers. But this updated MagSafe Leather Case changed everything. The new Bluebonnet has become my everyday case now that it works with all my MagSafe accessories. There's only one detail about this case that I would consider changing, so let's proceed with the full review. 

Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case: Price and availability

Bluebonnet MagSafe Case

(Image credit: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani)

Bluebonnet is a small studio in Texas that keeps things simple. Therefore the only place to purchase its products is from the official Bluebonnet website. It goes for $65, which is not affordable for everyone but understandable considering the genuine leather materials and fine craftsmanship. Although some Bluebonnet cases come in black leather, this one is only available in saddle brown. 

Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case: Luxurious in leather

Bluebonnet Full-Grain Leather MagSafe Case

(Image credit: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani)

There's something about genuine leather. The smell, the feel, the way it changes over time. The beautiful material is my favorite thing about the Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case. As soon as you open the box, you get that real-leather aroma. It has a super smooth, almost silky texture, despite being full-grain leather. The case starts out as a light saddle brown but changes slowly over time to take on a unique patina. I'm sure mine will eventually show the MagSafe ring, but I don't mind that. 

Alongside the material, the design and craftsmanship of all Bluebonnet products is top-notch. The buttons are stainless steel with a copper stain, and they are perfectly clickable. This is the slimmest leather case I've owned, quite sleek and streamlined, despite the fact that it's wrapped in full-grain leather. The inner layer is a soft, fuzzy microfiber that keeps the iPhone 13 Pro snugly in place. The final touch is a subtle "b" imprint on the back panel that brings to mind cattle brands. Fitting for a Texas-based product.

This is the slimmest leather case I've owned, quite sleek and streamlined, despite the fact that it's wrapped in full-grain leather.

As for functionality, the case works exactly as it should. It is easy to install and remove, and the buttons and cutouts are all on point. Most notably, the MagSafe magnets are quite strong, much stronger than most first-gen MagSafe cases I have used. So far, no speed bump or pothole has been able to dislodge my Bluebonnet-encased iPhone from its MagSafe mount. MagSafe charging also works great in this case, as does any other wireless or wired charger.

For protection, the camera and corners are all surrounded by a pliable layer of leather that keeps them safe from falls, impacts, and scratches. My iPhone has been dropped several times in this case and there are no scars to show for it. The leather also has a self-healing quality to it; so even though it takes on marks, the marks fade away easily with a little cleaning or rubbing. As for screen protection, that's the only small doubt I have, but I'll go into that next. 

Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case: How slim is too slim?

Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case

(Image credit: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani)

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate a nice slim case as well as the next gal, but I'm a serial iPhone destroyer. A trail of cracked screens lies in my wake. For this reason, I have become accustomed to bulky, oversized protective cases. I'm always a bit suspicious of slim cases, and the thin protective lip around the screen on the Bluebonnet case makes me nervous. I have dropped the iPhone on its screen in this case and so far so good, but it's just a bit thinner than I'm used to, at least around the screen. 

Everything else about the case is lovely, and so far the screen protection seems to be working, so I'm willing to let this detail go for now. But I'll be watching that slim screen bezel. Hopefully, my nervousness will ebb with time. 

Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case: Competition

Woolnut MagSafe Leather Case

(Image credit: iMore)

Genuine leather paired with MagSafe compatibility is not always easy to find, but there are a few excellent contenders on the market. Woolnut is one such brand that offers a full-grain leather MagSafe case in both black and brown colorways. This one has a more conspicuous pebbled texture and a full leather wrap, without detached buttons. 

If you prefer pebbled leather over a smooth texture, this case might be more to your liking. It is also a few dollars cheaper for budget-conscious shoppers and comes in two colorways. This is a solid alternative to the Bluebonnet case for these reasons. I like the smart metallic buttons and silky feel of the Bluebonnet personally, but this choice will depend on your own preferences. 

Bluebonnet Leather MagSafe Case: Should you buy it?

Bluebonnet Full-Grain Leather MagSafe iPhone Case

(Image credit: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani)

You should buy this if... 

  • You love good quality leather.
  • You have MagSafe accessories.
  • You appreciate beautiful design.

You shouldn't buy this if... 

  • You're extremely rough on your iPhones.
  • You have a small budget.


Leather lovers know that a genuine leather iPhone case with MagSafe is not so easy to find. This one is suitable for just about any iPhone color, since the subtle brown shade fits in anywhere. It's great for anyone that enjoys sophisticated design and fine craftsmanship. Although the protection of this leather case is pretty substantial, the thin bezel around the screen makes me a tad bit nervous. The Bluebonnet may not hold up to serious mistreatment, but so far it has kept my iPhone safe and sound. 

If you enjoy the look of aged leather, just give this case some time. I've only had my Bluebonnet for a couple of months, but I can already see a hint of patina as I use it on a daily basis. The leather will change according to usage, so each one ages uniquely. It makes for a very sophisticated, luxurious look over time, like an expensive leather briefcase. In fact, the case is certainly not cheap, but I think it lives up to its price in quality and craftsmanship. 

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