Forever rest in pieces, FineWoven — Apple is reportedly ending all production of controversial iPhone cases, but it's not going back to leather

The iPhone 15 Pro with a Pacific Blue Apple FineWoven case on.
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Despite only being announced last September with the new best iPhones and Apple Watches, Apple’s environmentally friendly alternative to leather, FineWoven, could be discontinued, according to an X Post by known leaker Kosutami.

“FineWoven is gone” states Kosutami, replete with a picture of a tray of FineWoven Apple Watch straps. That’s a grand seven months for the accessories, perhaps one of the shortest-lived Apple products ever — if Apple actually discontinues them.

A FineUnraveling

As for why the products are supposedly being discontinued, Kosutami says that it’s “since its durability [was] bad”. We can attest to that; in our FineWoven review, we found that the case was “easily scratched”, “gets dirty quickly”, and that the “FineWoven design is so prone to scratches and stains, and the USB-C cutout so narrow, that it’s simply impossible to recommend.” We gave the case two and a half stars, and it did not find a place on our list of best iPhone cases.

There’s no official news from Apple as to the state of its latest case material, and the company wasn’t immediately available for comment. In fact, if you still want to buy a FineWoven case or Apple Watch strap, then you can find them listed on the Apple Store. An iPhone 15 Pro case costs $59, while an Apple Watch band will cost as much as $149. 

Kosutami says that the production lines have all stopped and that Apple will be moving to a new material instead. One that, much like FineWoven, avoids the environmental and animal impact that comes from using leather.

What that new material will look like, however, is anyone’s best guess, but it's going to need to be as hard-wearing and damage-proof as leather options would be. There’s one thing for sure, however: There aren’t going to be many users who will be sad to see the FineWoven case and band options leave the Apple Store shelves.

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  • Annie_M
    If this turns out to be true, I won't be surprised.
  • Wotchered
    zigzactly what is the problem with leather ? cows going to die anyway, why the waste ?