iPhone 15 displays enter mass production in June to ease supply woes

Space Black iPhone 14 Pro
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The iPhone 14 had loads of problems with supply issues, making it pretty tricky to get a hold of one when it was first released. In order to stop these same issues from occurring again, the displays for the as-yet-unreleased iPhone 15 will start production early, according to Ross Young (via 9to5 Mac).

As soon as next month, June, the displays will start to see production, presumably in order to start to solve the aforementioned supply issues.

More good news

The iPhone 15 looks to be an interesting handset this year. The iPhone 15 Pro will likely have a completely new design, with more curves to its chassis, setting it further apart from the standard model iPhone 15. It won't feature the haptic buttons that were rumored for some time by the looks of things, but if you opt for the biggest model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you'll get a periscope camera that uses advanced lenses that allow for better zoomed shots with more detail.

The iPhone 15 looks to be getting some big upgrades as well, including Dynamic Island, a feature that this year was reserved for the Pro model iPhones. Chip wise there's no news on what the base model will have, but the Pro will likely receive an upgrade to a mobile processor made using the new 3nm process for a more efficient as well as powerful chip.

This also could be the first time in some time that the base iPhone looks different from the previous base model. While the Pro models seem to be getting the most cosmetic upgrades, the iPhone 15 may not look quite as much like the iPhone 14 you've got in your pocket.

Hopefully, the earlier production time for the screen will mean that it's much easier to get a new iPhone on release day.

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