iPhone 15 FineWoven case leak reveals Action Button upgrade

iPhone 15 case
(Image credit: Sonny Dickinson)

Rejoice, fans of the leather iPhone case — while the real leather case has been unceremoniously discontinued by Apple, we’ve now got a first look at the case that will be replacing it.

Allegedly called ‘FineWoven’, it’s been leaked in an X video from user Sonny Dickinson, a leaker with a proven track record of revealing Apple products ahead of their release. Alongside the colors and the finishes, the video shows something huge to the sharp-eyed — Look really carefully, and you’ll spot something above the volume keys. the mute switch is gone, and in its place is a button. This is likely the rumored Action Button that the iPhone 15 Pro has taken from the Apple Watch Ultra.

It’s not long until we’ll see this case for real, as the next week we’ve got the Apple event that will reveal the latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

The new leather-look case

The video doesn’t show what the case is actually made of, only what it looks like; and it looks an awful lot like a leather case. Whether, however, it will gain that lovely patina that came with the (costly) genuine leather iPhone cases of yore remains to be seen, but knowing Apple it’s likely that some thought has gone into the matter.

The video showcases the colors of the cases too, with a purple, black, and grayish green color on screen. It’s a different finish to the old cases as well, with a kind of soft-looking suede-like finish covering the back, and a smoother finish on the sides of the case.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman adds something interesting too — he expects Apple to move away from leather cases completely, commenting that it’s likely Apple Watch bands will become leather-free as well.

Of course, until we’ve seen the Apple event on September 12, this remains up in the air — as yet, nothing has been officially announced by Apple, and this video could all be some very snazzy smoke and mirrors. It’s likely not, and as a reviewer, Sonny could well have access to early hardware. Gurman's insight into Apple’s movement from leather is more than likely as well, as the firm looks for a more environmentally friendly future.

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