iPhone 15 price information reveals Pro could get $200 increase

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A new report into the expected price increase of the iPhone 15 has revealed some industry sources are expecting increases of up to $200 for Apple’s newest iPhones when they’re unveiled next month. 

Apple is expected to unveil its new flagship lineup at the next Apple event in mid-September, and we’ve already heard plenty of rumblings that the price of your next iPhone could be going up.

At the very least, we’re expecting a price increase for the Pro models following rumors of significant upgrades to the camera, processor, and design. Now, however, new industry information reveals the increases could be much worse than we’d feared. 

A new report from Digitimes, seen by iMore, warns that “forthcoming iPhone models from Apple will be more costly, causing industry sources to be less optimistic about this year's shipments.” 

Those sources claim “prices for the impending Pro and Max models will increase by between US$100 and US$200”, possibly harming sales to some degree. The report states that Apple will ship 77 million iPhone 15 units in 2023, down from estimates of 83 million.

iPhone 15 price increase - iMore’s take 

With swirling economic headwinds and multiple rumors of increasing prices, iPhone 15 price info is now squarely pointing towards a significant increase for 2023. This will be disappointing to consumers, who are likely feeling the pinch much more acutely than Cupertino. 

While we had expected the iPhone 15, especially the Pro, to go up in price, I had personally expected a raise no more significant than $100. While this would still have been tough to stomach, it would have been manageable. A $200 price increase, however, would put Apple’s next flagship out of reach for all but the most dedicated of upgraders, and those for whom price/cost isn’t an issue. 

As a Pro user, I’m really excited about this year’s impending upgrades and was even considering making the leap to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but a $200 price increase would render that impossible.

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