iPhone 15 Pro Max could be surpassed by 'slightly larger' iPhone 16

iPhone 15 Pro
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A new report from a top insider has revealed that Apple might be planning to make a “slightly larger” iPhone next year, perhaps even bigger than Apple’s new best iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Fresh off the heels of the iPhone 15 announcement last week, some are already looking forward to Apple’s slate of releases in 2024, notably Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. In his Power On Newsletter this week Gurman claims “After getting a major redesign this year, the Pro iPhones are destined to get slightly larger displays next year. Screens are another major factor driving iPhone hardware upgrades.” 

Suggesting the iPhone 15 Pro got a “major redesign” seems like a stretch, given that Apple’s chassis is identical to the previous iPhone 14 Pro. The move to titanium is notable, as is the advent of USB-C, however, it looks like a bigger upgrade could be coming next year, literally. 

iPhone 16 Ultra?

Rumors have swirled for some time of a new iPhone “Ultra” of some description, with Gurman stating it could have replaced the Max this year back in September 2022. At one stage we even thought that it would be Apple’s biggest iPhone this year, or perhaps a new phone beyond the Pro and Pro Max. However, those rumors have evolved and now suggest the Ultra might actually be an upgrade coming next year.

While it's clear no one has a clue about the iPhone “Ultra” branding, reliable insider Ross Young reported back in May that Apple is considering increasing the size of its iPhone slightly for next year. According to Young, Apple will release new iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max models with 6.3” and 6.9” displays respectively. Those numbers are rounded up, however, with Young stating the exact measurements would be 6.2x and 6.8x-inches, with the final decimal yet to be revealed. 

For most, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is plenty big enough for gaming, streaming, and everything else. But if you’re heart set on an even larger iPhone, 2024 might be the year for you. Apple’s new flagship comes out this Friday, with the regular iPhone 15 the standout upgrade over last year’s iPhone 14 this year. It boasts USB-C, the Dynamic Island, and the 48MP camera that made last year’s Pro such a draw.

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