iPhone 15 Pro Max release date leak reveals it could be delayed

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We’re only a few weeks away from the next Apple event and an expected iPhone 15 announcement alongside the premium iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait longer than expected to get our hands on the most popular iPhone 15 models.

A new report from a 9to5Mac source claims that Sony, which supplies the image sensor for the best iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is facing delays in shipping the component in time for Apple’s expected September 22nd release date.

This means those who want the latest and greatest 6.7-inch iPhone with all the bells and whistles will need to wait until at least October.

iPhone expert
Stephen Warwick
iPhone expert
Stephen Warwick

"This isn't the first time we've heard of delays to Apple's iPhone launch, either this year or in previous years. Whilst they often don't come to fruition, there seems to be enough smoke now to suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max delay could be the real deal this year.

That's a huge blow to serial upgraders and people on the iPhone Upgrade Program who are hoping to adopt early, and will be a bitter pill to swallow on top of rumored price increases."

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models are expected to introduce a titanium chassis and a curved design with the iPhone’s first redesign since the iPhone 12 models launched in 2020. Not only will they look and feel fresh, but the iPhone 15 models are expected to eschew Lightning in favor of USB-C and also include larger batteries.

iPhone launch delays have become more common in recent years. Last year, the iPhone 14 Plus was delayed until October despite all other iPhone 14 models releasing in September.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, worth the wait? — iMore’s take

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to be the flagship iPhone 15, with Apple differentiating the Pro models again. The periscope camera lens is likely to only come to the larger Pro Max model, unlike the iPhone 14 Pro, where both sizes were exactly the same apart from battery capacity and screen size.

Apple might also rename the iPhone 15 Pro Max to the iPhone 15 Ultra, suggesting a huge update to the most expensive iPhone offering. That means that if you’re looking for the best Apple has to offer, then there won’t be a new iPhone for you in September. 

If, like me, you think the 6.1-inch iPhone size is just right, then these delays aren’t likely to affect your purchase, and if rumors are correct, you’ll be able to unbox your shiny new iPhone 15 or 15 Pro before September ends.

Apple is expecting its iPhone 15 Pro Max to be its most popular and in-demand model, so it's important it has enough supply to go around at launch. If the phone is as popular as Apple expects it to be, customers won't mind waiting, but a delay could be enough for some to choose the Pro instead.

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