Planning on buying iPhone 15 Pro in gold or red? We've got bad news

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If you were looking forward to buying an iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (Ultra) in red or gold, a new rumor now says that neither of these will be arriving next month.

But that’s not all — according to 9to5Mac, a darker blue is debuting. So it looks like Silver, Dark Blue, Titanium Gray, and Space Black are in.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (Ultra) were all but set to debut in a ‘Crimson Red’ color according to rumors. It was to be a darker shade of red but with a Titanium bronze frame around the device. Now, new rumors have classed that previous leak as incorrect.

While this is a shame, as a new red color in that muted Pro shade would have looked great, it’s the new features that will make the bigger impression here. From an improved camera and a thinner bezel on the display, there’s going to be plenty to tempt you to upgrade to one of the new iPhones next month.

Focus on the features, not the colors - iMore’s Take

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When this news broke late at night, I was disappointed, but not surprised. I’ve been planning to upgrade to a 15 Pro Max for months, and when rumors surfaced that the Pro model would be in an exclusive ‘Crimson Red’, I was even more convinced that I’d be upgrading. It looked completely different from what came before on the Pro iPhones, and the red shade just made it sound cool.

I’ve never been one to go for a colored iPhone either. It was always in Black until the Sierra Blue color arrived in the iPhone 13 Pro, and I decided to opt for a slightly more colorful iPhone.

But now, it looks like I’ll have another shade of Blue to decide on. Apple will continue the trend of muted colors compared to the regular iPhone for yet another year...

While I wish I could’ve had the iPhone 15 Pro in red, it’s the improved camera I’m looking forward to most. I’m upgrading from an iPhone 13 Pro, so I’ll be enjoying the features that the iPhone 14 Pro also bought back in 2022, such as the Dynamic Island. When it comes down to it, the entire line could just be in black and I wouldn’t mind - it’s how I’ll be able to take new photos with that new camera that matters more to me.

If color does mean a lot to you when buying a new iPhone however, the best alternative would be to look at one of the many cases that will inevitably be available once the 15 line is announced. But regardless of these latest rumors, focus on how the new iPhone will benefit you with its features, not with its color scheme.

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