The iPhone 15 battery test is in, and the results will surprise no-one

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The iPhone tests are rolling in with gusto as more and more people get their greasy hands on the distinctly grease-averse iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15. The first of the tests that show off the staying power of the new iPhones is a battery test— with a big one published to YouTube by Mrwhosetheboss.

With the latest models stacked up against their older counterparts, the one to last the longest while working is the winner. The winner is no great surprise, but the boost in battery for the quartet is where things get impressive.

More staying power

Battery life is important, and it looks like Apple has finally taken that on board. Apple itself reports a boost in battery now that the new iPhones are out, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max reportedly running for 25 hours while streaming video, around 5 hours longer than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple’s numbers aside, it's the real-life figures that we’re interested in, and Mrwhosetheboss put the latest models to the test. Instead of just lining them all up and playing a video, he ‘uses’ the phones, scrolling through TikTok, mucking about with apps, and more everyday activities that devour the battery percentage over the course of the day.

The results should surprise no one — It’s the iPhone 15 Plus, which came out on top with 13 hours and 19 minutes, a whole 1 hour and 40 more than the next best. The iPhone 15 Pro Max clocked in at 11 hours 41, more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 came third with 9 hours 15, and then finally, stone dead last, was the iPhone 15 Pro with a battery life of 9 hours and 20.

These stats are impressive, and they are consistently better than the previous round of iPhones. They make sense as well — The more powerful iPhone 15 Pro isn’t going to last as long as the Pro Max, given it doesn’t have the bigger battery of the larger model but does have the more powerful chip. The iPhone 15 has a less powerful chip, and around the same size battery, so it was always going to last longer. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has a massive battery and a powerful chip, so wasn’t going to outlast the Plus — which has a massive battery and a less power-hungry chip.

Better than the old models?

Yes, very much so — they manage to beat out all the iPhones that have come before them, each model lasting longer than their 14 and 13 counterparts. It seems like some attention has been paid to the battery life of the iPhone, given last years iPhone 14 dips in performance.

Perhaps those iPhone battery life memes can finally be put to rest.

Tammy Rogers
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