Get an iPhone 14 Plus at Sky, and save £360: the bigger screen for less

Sky and iPhone 14 Plus
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New this year, the iPhone 14 Plus is the latest of the styles of iPhone available. It sits in the same product niche as the outgoing iPhone 13 mini, despite the fact that its design philosophy is pretty much the exact opposite - a monolithic 6.7-inch slab of metal, glass, and silicon. If you've had your eye on the iPhone 14 Plus then this is a great way of grabbing one - £360 is a substantial saving on what is otherwise an expensive device.

Grabbing this deal couldn't be any easier. You'll want to head over to the iPhone 14 product page on the Sky Website, and then choose how long you want your device contract to last. The data plan is then chosen separately, and the two monthly prices are added together to show you your final monthly cost. For this deal, you'll want to choose the 50GB data option, as it is the only one with a price reduction. 50GB is plenty of data to go with your new phone, and you'll save money while you're at it - this plan is now cheaper than the 40GB option.

iPhone 14 Plus - more data for less

iPhone 14 Plus | £360 off 50GB data plan at Sky

iPhone 14 Plus | £360 off 50GB data plan at Sky

As with any iPhone, you're going to want a decent amount of data. 50GB will give you plenty of Internet allowance to watch Apple TV+ on the go, as well as stream your favorite tunes over Apple Music. A £10 a month saving is always a nice bonus, especially when it makes the 50GB option make more sense than the 40GB option. Total cost is £47 per month

The iPhone 14 Plus is the iPhone 14 - but with a bigger screen. No more than that. Like the iPhone 13 Mini that came before it, it's the standard phone with a new screen. That is no bad thing, and while some mourn the loss of the smaller iPhone model, many celebrate the bigger screen now no longer reserved for the most expensive iPhone. Either way, it's still a lovely device and one well worth the saving.

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