This Apple short film was filmed entirely on an iPhone 15 Pro

Apple's new Midnight short film behind the scenes
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Apple's no stranger to film-making these days, with some of the company's flicks getting awards after release. The tech giant is also no stranger to showing off just how capable its latest smartphones are. And the result? A short film that's so slick, you'd swear it was done with one of those big, fancy cameras. But, plot twist – it was all shot on an iPhone 15 Pro.

The new short film takes us on a cinematic joyride through Tokyo with "Midnight," a film that's part live-action manga, part tech flex, and it's got the internet buzzing. You can watch the short film below, it's just under 20 minutes long.

Directed by Takashi Miike, a name that gets any film buff nodding in respect, "Midnight" unfolds the tale of a heroic taxi driver navigating the neon-drenched streets of Tokyo. Kento Kaku takes the wheel as our protagonist, diving headfirst into a whirlwind of action and drama. He finds himself tangled with Konatsu Kato, a young woman wrestling with a gang over her father’s legacy, and the thrilling chase is on. The cast is rounded out with Yukiyoshi Ozawa playing the gang leader, making for a high-stakes, high-speed narrative that's as compelling as it is visually stunning.

iPhone 15 woah

This cinematic adventure isn't just a story. It's a demonstration of the iPhone 15 Pro's camera prowess. From capturing the pulse of Tokyo's nightlife to the intensity of car chases, it's a 20-minute testament to what smartphones are now capable of in the realm of filmmaking. And before you ask, yes, you can catch a peek behind the scenes on Apple's YouTube channel. You'll get to see how the magic happens (and probably start plotting your directorial debut).

Takashi Miike described the iPhone 15 Pro as a "camera that can also make phone calls." It's clear that the film's production pushed the device to its limits, utilizing features like Action Mode for capturing raw emotion and Cinematic Mode for that film-like depth of field we all love. The 5x Telephoto camera gets a special nod for its ability to zoom in on the drama, making every facial expression count.

This isn't the first time Apple has filmed something on an iPhone to showcase its camera capabilities. Apple has recorded similar short films on an iPhone, and worked with vocal artists to produce music videos. Notably, October's "Scary Fast" launch event was shot entirely on a 15 Pro. It further cements the device as one of the best iPhones, especially if you value camera quality.

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