Tim Cook Apple TV+Source: Apple TV+

I'm sat looking at the iMore homepage right now and I'm seeing five of eight posts are something related to Apple TV+. We have new series' being signed, promos for existing shows, and more. And it highlights something that's been on my mind for a few weeks – Apple TV+ is kicking things up a gear.

For the last couple of weeks, it's felt to me like I'm writing about Apple TV+, in some form or another, more than almost anything. Apple Car is up there because it's everywhere right now, but the volume of Apple TV+ posts can't be ignored.

Just in the last 24 hours we've seen Apple TV+ promote Servant and sign a a new show called Dolly. Clare Danes has signed on for The Essex Serpent and the For All Mankind season two promotion continues. Then there's the news that Palmer has proven to be a hit on its opening weekend – something that should be a surprise to nobody.

Apple TV+ June 2021 ExtensionSource: Apple

As someone who writes about this stuff on the daily, it absolutely feels like Apple TV+ is growing more quickly than ever, with new shows appearing, new seasons of old ones being announced, and big names signing on almost every day. And despite confidence in Apple TV+ seemingly low as indicated by the ever-extending trial, it's increasingly clear that Apple's coffers are being raided to pay for it all, with no end in sight. If Apple TV+ ultimately fails to make a dent in the streaming world, it won't be for the lack of trying, that's for sure.

There's a school of thought that Apple's extension of the Apple TV+ trial is to give it time to get more content onto the service before people are forced to start paying, and that makes the kind of sense that just does. I pay for Apple TV+ as part of the Apple One subscription but I think I'd keep it around regardless. For All Mankind season two is around the corner and who knows what else will be on the horizon by the time that's done and dusted. At the rate Apple TV+ seems to be expanding right now, the future seems bright.

Now Apple just needs to get people to begin paying for the thing.