Jailbreak concepts Apple should implement in iOS 6

We're just under a month away from Apple's WWDC 2012 and with it, an expected preview of iOS 6. Last year, we had a list of features available through jailbreak that we wanted Apple to make mainstream in iOS 5. Apple listened, and we got everything from Notification Center to Wi-Fi sync. This year is no different -- once again we have wants. Here are my top jailbreak concepts Apple should implement in iOS 6.

Widgets API


Developers don't currently have the ability to develop widgets for Notification Center. If Apple would open up API for widget access and allow developers to integrate them with current app offerings, it could open up a whole new world of possibilities. This ability is already available on Android and other mobile platforms.

Jailbreak apps have been taking advantage of widgets since iOS 5 was released. There are several widgets that allow access to contacts, system toggles, music, battery info, quick Google searches, and more. Having access to all kinds of settings and apps right from Notification Center is much more convenient than digging for an app or system setting.

Notification Center enhancements and quick replies


While iOS 5 was a huge improvement over the way notifications were handled under previous versions of iOS, there is still room for improvement. Jailbreak apps like IntelliscreenX and LockInfo offer much more control over notifications than stock iOS does. You can fine tune notifications down to the tiniest detail. Do all users need this ability? Absolutely not. But a compromise would be nice.

First, find a way to make the Lock screen more intuitive. Right now all Lock screen notifications are dismissed the moment you swipe to unlock. By all means, clear the screen, but why not keep the notifications available in the window shade until they've actually been viewed, like they are in Notification Center proper.

Second, add the ability to clear app badges the same way Notification Center can be cleared. One little X gets rid of an entire list in Notification Center, but there's no way to get rid of badges in an app without hunting down and viewing every alert individually -- if you can find them.

Thirdly, make in-app banner notifications actionable. Right now if you tap them you're ripped out of the current app and sent into the source app. Having to exit one app to respond to something as simple as an SMS or iMessage, or tweet, is irritating. BiteSMS and Messages+ for jailbreak have offered this functionality for a long time. Enhancements of this nature would make the entire experience of using the iPhone or iPad much faster and much better.

Siri API

iPhone 4S siri hero

While Siri is great at dictating notes, punching out emails, scheduling Reminders, and sending messages, it can't do anything beyond that. Yet. And even if Apple expands it to support other integrated services, like Twitter, it still wouldn't enough.

Having options like sending out a tweet via Tweetbot, or adding a task to Clear, or otherwise letting App Store apps integrate with Siri directly would be a welcome addition. Jailbreak apps such as AssistantExtensions add tons of functionality to Siri. It'd be nice to see that become official in iOS 6.

Better multitasking gestures and shortcuts

Improved multitasking gestures and toggles

Right now the iPad has limited multitasking gesture shortcuts but the iPhone and iPod touch have none at all. Jailbreak apps like Zephyr have brought gesture shortcuts to iPhone and iPod touch, but this is really something Apple needs to slap a coat of paint on and release as stock in iOS 6.

Tabbing through apps should be easier. Sure there's the iOS 4 fast app switcher, but swiping is faster. Custom gestures for favorite app access would be great as well.

Mail enhancements


Mail has previously been given a unified inbox, threaded messages, and flags. Otherwise it's not much different from the days of iOS 1. Mail Enhancer allow jailbreakers to better handle and sort mail on their iPhone or iPad. You can color code different mail accounts so you know what account a message is from when in the unified inbox.

And for the love of all things that are good in the world, can we please have multiple signatures for mail accounts? For users with separate accounts that they use for different purposes, editing signatures can be a huge pain. I may not want a client having my home phone number but I want my friends and family seeing that in my signature. Allowing multiple signatures is the only feasible solution and hopefully it's on the slate for iOS 6.

In addition to per-account signatures, per-account mail tones would be a nice bonus. Sometimes work mail needs to stay on when personal mail does not (or vice versa).

Better Folder functionality


iOS 4 brought the addition of Folders but their functionality remains limited.. The iPhone only allows you to place 12 apps within a folder while the iPad allows 20. Sure, the iPad screen can show more apps at one time, but the difference harms users who want a consistent Home screen setup between devices. For example, if I have 15 productivity apps and keep them on both my iPhone and iPad, on my iPhone I have to have 2 folders while I only have one on my iPad.

Jailbreak apps such as Infinifolders and Folder Enhancer have been around before iOS supported folders. They've also been more functional. Both allow you to stick as many apps as you want in a folder and either page through them like you would Home screen apps or scroll vertically, whichever you choose.

Nested folders is also something jailbreak apps allow for. I frequently use this feature for game folders. I have my strategy, puzzle, adventure, action, and other types of games inside of one main games folders. Unfortunately, it's probably far too hierarchical and "file system-like" for Apple to ever consider.

Themes or Home screen refresh


iPhone and iPad home screens (Image credit: iMore)

It's about time for Apple to re-design the Home screen or give us a way to customize it if we want to. iOS 4 introduced the ability to set a picture as your Home screen background but besides that, the Home screen we all know hasn't changed much since the inception of iOS. There's always an argument for familiarity and experience which Apple prides themselves on but it's beginning to look a bit dated.

Jailbreakers have been theming their iPhones for years. While I don't necessarily want my iPhone looking like an Android phone, apps like Shrink allow me to change icon size while apps like Winterboard give me the ablity to change up fonts and status bar icons.

It's highly unlikely that Apple will ever integrate even an Apple exclusive Theme Store into iTunes, but at the very least it would be nice to see iOS 6 bring with it a newly designed Home screen or a few options for customization.

Your iOS 6 want list

What jailbreak apps can you not live without that you'd really like Apple to add stock? Are there any quirks or oddities in iOS that you really can't stand and use jailbreak as a solution?

Hit the link below to let us know in our forums!

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Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Awesome article! I'm really curious to see what they're going to pull out of their hats next month.
  • If you wanted freedom and creativity you are on the wrong system. Quit crying and take what you get or jailbreak and move on.
  • What are you talking about? idevice are for the creative!!!
  • "But I'm creative..."
    "Dude, you're a barista."
  • you missed two of my most wanted features...
    1) Auto-updating Apps
    2) Dynamic app icons (Apple should declare "the app icon is dead") Dynamic app icons are like little widgets (API for developers).
  • Make it a plain rectangle and we call it live tile.....
  • Funny - I instantly thought about Windows Phone too. But seriously, it's not a bad idea. Although I don't know how much (if any) it would improve productivity.
  • My wishlist:
    1) Airprint to any printer on WiFi network
    2) iPhone: icons rotate as device is turned from portrait to landscape
    3) Siri Commands via Apple Remote
    4) Let me use my iPhone as a hotspot, I'll manage the provider who wants to challenge my grandfathered unlimited plan.
  • I have iPhone 4 and use that as a wifi hotspot so I can get online on me laptop
  • A native file browser (for adding mail attachments etc) Multiple email signatures. Account specific sigs would be great. Airdrop style file sharing (wishful thinking :-D)
  • In my opinion only a few features could have amazing impact for most users:
    Gatekeeper for iOS would provide most, if not all, of the benefits of jailbreaking without some of the liabilities. Gatekeeper would allow the downloading and installation of signed apps from alternative sources which would protect users to some degree while allowing flexibility. Gatekeeper for iOS is conceivable as a feature Apple might consider implementing.
    Maps with additional capabilities would be an excellent addition to iOS. Apple has purchased Placebase, Poly9 and C3 Technologies over the last few years which suggests a strong interest in native mapping solution. The addition of speech recognition enabled turn-by-turn directions with dynamic routing and three-dimensional views would be nice. Apple Maps are almost a certainty in the next version of iOS or iPhone.
    Siri APIs should be available although a workflow analysis must be performed for each and every action type which requires significant effort. A few workflows which should be given high priority are:
    Activation of Apps
    Settings activation/deactivation (3G data, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.)
    Social Media updates (Facebook messages and updates, FourSquare check-ins, Twitter "tweets," etc.)
    Voice enabled GPS Navigation
    Siri APIs are very likely in the next version of iOS.
    User selection of Default Apps (email client, Twitter client, stocks, weather, etc.) although this is the least likely to occur of my suggestions.
    Widgets APIs suggest frequent updating of apps which requires processor power that could effect user interface responsiveness and battery life. We know how this impacts users of other mobile operating systems.
  • Finally someone who is not caught up with all the widgets and infinidock or infinifolder gimmick. These are definitely some welcome features to the iOS ecosystem.
  • +1
    No, make that +2
  • +1
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  • Voice caller ID of incoming calls.
  • Fido and Rogers offers that in Canada already.
  • My bad, I misunderstood what you meant. That would be pretty neat!
  • Awesome features article.
    Some other features that I believe should be stock are: Activator: Having the ability to access a menu of things that matter most to each user. I currently have 3 menus on mine. One menu has 5 options including "Home", "Screen Off", "Respring", "Music Controls", & "Assistant (Siri)".
    I hate hard press buttons, they wear out too quick, so this 1 menu is very important to me. Another menu has all of my favourite apps in it. Also, I have screenshot set to a corner, & multitasking bar on another corner. It is just so useful.
    Worst case, Apple just adds a slide up the center of the screen from the Home button to return to the Home screen. Because that feature they offer in the Accessible section putting a Home button on the screen is obtrusive. BiteSMS: It should have a popup text window like BiteSMS offers. It is easy to access & unobtrusive. Reply in the window, & its gone. No need to switch apps. Also, having a quick compose in the notification window would be awesome too. Widgets: Yes, it is a sensitive subject, bc some do not want their home screen cluttered with flashy widgets. But, I believe if Apple could make it an optional thing, like they did with the notification center preferences, it could be a win for all.
    To be competitive, Apple would need Widgets that helps users access the info they need without having to go into the app, then pressing a Home button that wears out, & having to go back to another app. Android has had widgets for a long time, & is is a success there.
    And if Apple was going to get sued over widgets, they would have gotten sued over the Notification Center already. A Notification Light: Perhaps Apple doesn't want to use a multi-coloured light as Android & Blackberry use. Here's an idea, the white rounded-square symbol on the Home button flashes a soft white (or even in colours) when an unread SMS/MMS, missed call or unread email has occurred. Maybe the Apple on the back itself could light up instead of the Home button ring.
    Apple needs to add something to alert us that there is something that needs our attention other than turning the phone screen on just to check. Adding SMS/MMS tab to the Phone/Dialer screen: Apple should just merge the SMS/MMS screen & features into the Phone/Dialer app itself. Make it a Communication app. It's frustrating to have to text, then go to the dialer to make a call, then come back to text.
    The Line 2 app in the App Store has this setup, & it looks very nice. They have Phone, Text, Contacts, Recents, & Settings (which could be set to Voicemail). I believe replacing the Favorites tab with SMS/MMS might be a better solution, or just have that selector bar be scrollable. Quick Settings: As Allyson mentioned, having a way to toggle Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on & off without having to go into the Settings app would be a life (& Home button) saver. Perhaps just like IntelliScreenX does it, pull down on the Notification Center & it exposes the options for minimal accidental toggle taps. Less Important, but still important:
    7. Shake To Unlock: Some lose the power button due to excessive usage.
    8. Infinifolders, Infinidock, Infiniboard: Explains itself.
    9. Themes: It would be awesome if Apple would allow us to customize.
    10. Five Icons: If Apple rejects the Infini line, then 5 icons per row.
  • These are some really good ideas. And yes, a notification light. As a former longtime BlackBerry user, I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion. That's one thing I'm still missing about my old BB 8320 (1st-gen Curve). I'd like to see Apple add a small, unobtrusive notification light on top of the phone near the headphone jack, or maybe on the front by the front-facing camera, or in the home button.
    Other than that, I don't really know, as far as iOS goes (the software, aside from the hardware). Widgets aren't that big a deal to me; on Android I've used very few of them, as I prefer a simple, uncluttered screen. But I would like Apple to do something fresh, unique, and different this time around with the home screen and the whole OS & UI, something both aesthetically pleasing and useful that improves and enhances the whole UX.
  • Multitasking- the home button gets pressed an awful lot, even an optional icon to put in the dock to bring it up...
    Infinate folders and quick settings.
  • Siri API == Yes
    Everything else, no way.
  • "Jailbreak apps such as Infinifolders and Folder Enhancer have been around before iOS supported folders"
    Umm... no they haven't. Both apps were released after iOs4 added folders, and both are based on Apple's folder concept. Please get your facts straight.
  • I had a previous version of folder enhancer on my iPod Touch 3rd gen on iOS 3, before iOS 4 was announced.
  • i used to have been jailbroken then i went back to unjailbroke. and the only thing's i really miss is the intelliscreenx plus bite sms!! those two would really be awesome!
  • One home screen could be used for widgets.
    I want Siri for third party apps.
  • I think a nice way of making the multi-tasking easier is to allow a user to open up the app switcher by pushing the home button twice or by sliding three fingers up starting from the bottom of the screen. Then when the app switcher is open it displays the four apps, like it normally does. But, the user can now slide up from the bottom of the screen again to pull the app switcher to cover the whole screen. So the multitasking app switcher which originally had showed four apps without having to swipe, now displays 16 apps much like the home screen. This allows you to pick your open applications without having to swipe multiple times to reach them. Also, the area on the large multi-tasking screen where the dock would be on the home screen features one big red button that says "Close All". This allows you to close all running applications without needing to hold on one and click a small "X" on each app. Then to close the large multi-tasking screen. just slide down to bring it to the original 4-app app switcher or press the home button twice/slide down with three fingers to close it completely. Just an idea I had while playing with my friends iPhone. I'm hoping Apple would do something like this, it wouldn't "tarnish" Apples' simplicity mantra and it would definently help the heavy app users like myself.
  • BACK TO MY MAC!!! PLEASE. Third Party solutions that require a resident app are not what i want!
  • That would be awesome!
  • This articles feels like you want ios to look more Android. The thing is all these "wants" except Siri will definitely slow down iOS like how they slow down Android to the extent you still see lag when powering it with quad core. Apple probably knows what is best for both the OS and the consumers. My "wants" are rather simple: Allow us to send more than pictures and videos only in SMS. Allow the option to send contacts, PDF etc. Renewable the lyrics option for iPad. God, I miss viewing lyrics when playing my songs Enhance spotlight search, e.g. Integrating it with maps and YouTube etc. "Clear all" option for multitasking window and notification centre. Allow "full screen view" in safari by getting rid of the address bar and navigation menu but at the same time can be brought back easily with a tap etc. That's all for my wants. These can dramatically enhance user experience, IMO.
  • iOS 5 is able to send contact information via (MMS/SMS) Messages. More options isn't unwelcome but the user interface could quickly become cluttered. You can enable lyrics using GetLyrical or GimmeSomeTune to automatically fetch the lyrics for you as you open each song and NeedleDrop (an AppleScript) can be used to automatically open each song. The addition of Map and YouTube data to Spotlight would be unwieldy. You shouldn't need to quit all apps in the App Switcher. Doesn't clearing all notifications in the Notification Center defeat the purpose but I can understand the occasional desire to clear all notifications. "Reader" is the "full screen view."
  • You cannot natively sent map locations, contacts, etc fom the Messages app. You must be in the Maps/Contacts/Phone application to do so. This is time consuming. Lyrics cannot be dynamically inserted into music on your device. It must be added through iTunes on the cpu. This is even more prevalent and noticeable when iTunes match is integrated. Maps and YouTube data would be more of a resource hog, so I agree with you there. There are times where you will need to clear all apps in the app switcher. This seems to be a great idea to alleviate in one swoop applications that may be draining resources and/or battery. Not all apps are created perfectly… Reader is not a full screen safari viewer. It puts readable content and a better format but a full-screen option would help for media rich webpages.
  • I think if you need to close all multi tasked apps KillBackground is amazing. One little button and all apps closed :-) Got to love BigBoss
  • It really baffles me that they have not implemented quick reply SMS yet. It's so obvious to anyone that uses it that its a huge improvement. And I've seen a lot of jailbreakers write that it's the main reason that they jailbreak andtheyvebeen saying it for a while now. Exposé like multitasking like multiflow would be awesome. How about some way to make folders look unique instead of every folder just looking like a box with nine icons in it? Also don't get why iPad like screen rotation can't come to the iPhone. As far as aesthetics are concerned, at least let us change the size and layout of icons. Or maybe just 2-3 premade themes to choose from.
  • I would like to add a few more thoughts: Automator for iOS would provide the ability to automate any workflow, for example:
    Activate Settings upon arriving/departing a Location (Wi-Fi active at Home)
    Download App updates everyday at 3:00 a.m.
    Backup to iCloud everyday at 2:00 a.m.
    Send all saved email at 1:00 a.m.
    Open "Find Friends" and find xxx at 9:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
    Open "Stocks" at 4:00 p.m. EST and send email with updated results to xxx
    Open "Remote" upon arrival at Location "Home" and AirPlay Playlist "Relaxation" to Living Room Stereo at 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday AirDrop for iOS is actually likely although this may not arrive in the near future and would likely be an API available to apps.
  • I like the list that the editor made. I want voice dictation on the iPhone as well and add easy access to WiFi and maybe bluetooth. I hope they fix the camera shortcut in the lock screen to just tapping the icon instead of dragging the whole screen up because it doesn't look nice and it takes longer. Great article!
  • One thing I'd like to have in iOS6 is easy access to the music player (formerly the iPod app) from the lock screen; just as iOS 5.0 added the little camera button on the right of the unlock slider, it'd be nice to have quick access to the music player from that same lock screen (maybe up at the top of the lock screen somewhere, so as not to clutter it up too much), so you wouldn't have to unlock the screen, type in a passcode (if enabled), and then go into Music to start playing a track or switch tracks/albums/playlists, etc. This would be handy if you're out walking or running. Of course the Music app would be isolated from the rest of the phone's functions, just like with the camera; you'd still have to dial in the passcode to get access to anything beyond the music player and the camera. Just an idea...
    Another thing I'd like to see happen is for toggle switches for Wi-Fi, cellular network, Bluetooth, screen brightness, etc. to be added to the notification shade if desired (similarly to some Android phones). That way we wouldn't need to exit whatever app we're in and open Settings just to switch Wi-Fi on or off, for example.
  • Tap the Home Button twice while on the Lock Screen.
    The only options are play/pause, rewind, fast forward and AirPlay so the current implementation assumes you have your playlist set.
  • I know; I was referring to being able to expand on those existing options and change playlists, albums, or tracks after you've double-pressed the home button. That's what I meant, something along those lines.
  • Some people never need immediate access to the camera. Perhaps Apple should just allow 1 app, any app to be placed where that Camera icon is for easy access. It could be customized in Settings.
    So, in your case, the Camera button on the lock screen would be replaced with the music icon.
  • That might work. Or just long-press the camera button to make it pop up as several options to choose from, e.g. music player, iBooks, Safari, or whichever app you have it set to open as an option.
  • You can double click the home button (when the screens off, or when viewing the lock screen) and the time bar at the top changes to show simple music controls such as 'previous' 'play/pause' 'next' and AirPlay controls if there are any AirPlay devices around. This has been there since iOS 2 I believe. Maybe 3?
  • I know; what I meant was that I'd like to be able to expand on that existing function and change tracks, albums, and playlists straight from the lock screen (perhaps by doing the same double-tap to go into the music player, then long-pressing on the 'play' button or the artist/track name to go into the music app and switch albums or whatever).
  • Some tweaks that apple should integrate:
    1. Pull to refresh safari/mail
    2. Infifolder & dock
    3. Activator
    4. Sb settings
    5. Bytafont
  • You should have written this earlier so that Apple could have seen it before. WWDC is just weeks away now. Im not sure they will be able to add all of this.
  • People asking for widgets have obviously never used them on Android and have thus never experienced how they slow down moving between screens and switching from an app back to the homescreen; or how they drain your device's battery. I've switched from Android to iOS only recently and definitely do not miss the widgets and other useless screen candy.
    I would definitely like to see different colors and signatures for different mail accounts, as was suggested in the article.
    Apparently Apple will get away from Google as a maps provider in iOS 6 and will have some cool 3D map feature or something. I honestly couldn't care less about 3D, which - in my opinion - is mostly useless screen candy again. I 'd rather have proper built in turn by turn navigation as Android has had it for ages with Google Maps.
    Finally a couple of days ago a video made the news with some very nice keyboard swipe gestures to make navigating a document you work on asier. I'd like to see those implemented in iOS 6.
  • ^ This. Even on Android I only used a few widgets (2 or maybe 3 at most) for this very reason, otherwise it would start to bog the phone down too much. This was a major issue on my older Android device (Samsung Vibrant on T-Mo USA; the less said about that phone, the better). I don't know if it was a flaw with my device or just some limitation of Android in general. I just got tired of having to mess with it so I switched to an iPhone 4. On my Galaxy Nexus it was a lot less of a problem, but it was still there. I had only 3 widgets running, and often it just kept crashing over and over (especially the browser and music player). I liked my Nexus but sadly I had to send it back 'cos it was defective (it wouldn't hold a signal well enough) so I sent it back to Google; now I'm debating on whether to roll the dice and get another one or wait for the next iPhone. 1st world problems...
  • Non-distracting way to respond to texts without leaving app. Notification scheduler to automatically silence notifications of various types and from different origins.
  • ^ Yes!
  • I only have one wish, MAKE IT EFFIN OPEN SOURCE kthxbye
  • iPhone 6 Predictions
    Screen thinner, maybe hybrid with eink layer for iBooks.  Bigger edge to edge screen. 
    Siri taken mainstream.  Proper voice control were your voice is a controller, more like a personal assistant. With Uk search and functionality. Ask"what's the traffic going to be like on my way to work?"
    Siri "I suggest avoiding the A123 altogether, try the B road, as xxx reports 20 min delays"
    Share photos via Bluetooth. For those of us with too many photos "file away" in a year/month montage those pics, then tap to unleash them. Save space, looks elegant. Tap status bar to go to the top style for the bottom. Tag people Facebook style, then these could be accessed from contacts. Auto collage on selected photos, options like a pin board or faded into each other like a pro photographer would do. 
    More gestures to control apps. Lift to dial current contact. Double tap bottom to go to the end. Reverse of double tap at the top. 
    Stereo output from your iPhone, using THX technologies. 
    Moving away from other companies products on iPhone eg google use own maps and location software. Traffic info improvements, a choice of where to get the traffic info from. 
    Apples turn by turn navigation with all new maps and system wide integration. 
    Improved camera min double digit megapixel with additional editing software built in. Panorama function straight from camera. Option to doodle on or highlight a part of a  photo when sending them. Face recognition to live tag say my wife in camera mode then, be able to smart sort photos. Able to display camera roll photos by date newest first, newest last, location, tag eg birthdays, family, wife, London, holiday. Make it Siri compatible. Greater control over journals in iPhoto, integrate this with photo editor straight from camera roll. 
    Unlock iPhone using owners face, based on user profiles could limit layout and functions. Children unlock games only no Internet or phone. Could be confirmed by owners voice. Secret "killword" could disable/wipe iPhone or call 999.  
    Point camera at a barcode or QR code this would switch to decoding price comparison within the camera app. 
    Enough with the basic mail...Make email sexy, choice of colours, fonts, sizes, backgrounds, breaks,  scan in your signature or add company logo to your mail. Attach not just a photo, but also a  location, the weather where you are, a note "quote". Templates ! Different signatures and different colours for different accounts, like we have for different calendars on iCloud. 
    Quad core processors faster performance better battery life. 
    Gorilla glass 2 same strength thinner glass
    Phone book browse by photo, like cover flow activated by turning phone sideways. Of browse like a different views, please cover flow, card and preview by hovering over contact name. Preview haw a contact will look full screen by flicking sideways.  Categorise too like Chinese, friends, work, relationship, star sign . Add a photo to contact, but not have that photo ring large when that caller rings. For their www. Show small homescreen, who's address appears when you hover over it.  Bring back search by emoticon, because putting a next to a contact means somewhere to eat. Facebook profile links, gesture to poke or be taken to their wall or "quick post". Smart contacts based in where you are eg at work show colleagues by default. 
    In phone mode, be able to block texts or calls from known spammers or when certain numbers call auto decide what to do eg when work calls always give engaged tone. Different voice mail messages for different numbers, so your callers get the personal touch. 
    Location aware New weather app with a choice of where to get the source data from
    Ability to delete  native apps to save memory who uses compass?
    Make some apps like clock, weather, compass show information from the icon. In the same way calendar shows the date. information density. 
    Share via bluetooth eg photos, contacts navilty from iPhone. 
    Calendars share from iPhone. Proper invites too. 
    Reminders to be system wide and integrated into improved calendars app. "Smart create" events in the same way you highlight text to copy or paste, this would auto create an event. Could also if you "made favourite" a particular websites events page out make events for you, a bit like RSS auto brings you that info, but straight into a calendar. simple Calendar themes. 
    Facebook integration like twitter, able to choose which bits you want to integrate with. In an easy settings menu, so you don't have lots of options on each menu. 
    Status bar customisation eg date or temp
    Bold, italics, highlight like in iBooks 
    Notifications "quick reply" to texts,tweet, etc from the app or game your currently in. Or "quick create" calendar options from the app or game your in. Don't interrupt me in a call by text alert or email pinging me, wait!  May be priorities, if I am on the phone don't... Or if I am playing my fav game don't  break in with a text, wait or listening to don't...  Hold email pings & only notify between tracks?
     Avatars. Maybe Siri could have one, you could have one?
  • Honestly, apple should just take a look at any "must have jailbreak apps/tweaks" and base the improvements off of that. The best tweaks that jailbreaking offers should absolutely be implemented on apple's end, there's no reason why the user has to supplement with unofficial, unsupported tweaks that make the interface feel "complete".
  • For the Love of God, please take mail enhancer and apply it to your build! apple.
  • Facebook integration is a must in the next ios
    ability to share photos via facebook , twitter , google + , Flicker, instagram and videos via Youtube , FB , Twitter , google + and viddy .
    mission control and active expandable apps like in that video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDK7ut4pc_U
    just add those features and you can say bye bye Android :)
  • 1) When started to listen music, it would be great if i saw album artwork and control buttons on the lock screen (Like HTC Sense on Android)
    2) Please remove the home button, just make it touchable. And maybe good if apple makes a flashing light for incoming call, sms, mail etc. around the touchable home button ;)
    3) a button maybe a good idea to take picture near the phone. and no need to lock screen camera shortcut, just push and hold it for a second to switch to camera app ;)
    4) share photos etc. over bluetooth please!!
    5) Why apple is not using vcard for contacts? it would better if android users switches to use iphone, they can easily transfers their contact lists.
    6) i want stereo speakers!
  • 1 has been around for years
    5 it uses .VCF like Android. Just share the contact info and boom done.
  • My wishlist would include:
    1) Allow attachements directly from the mail app.
    2) Integrate the swipe functionally from Meego
    3) A new spring board
  • Delta updates for apps! This would be a great feature, especially for large apps that would require you to otherwise be on wi-fi to essentially "re-download" the information you already have. Just download the small changes that were made over 3G and let us go about our day with a lighter strain on our data plans.
  • They need to just look at some of the top used features on Android and copy those…..navigation, facebook integration, etc. I think a Siri API would be a killer feature, but at this point anything that updates the out-dated interface would be nice.
  • 4.5 inch screen. I know its hardware not iOS, but that's what it would take to get me back from Android.
  • You hit everything I was considering except one. A full bluetooth stack would be great! That would open other accessories up to developers to write apps for.
  • This is a really interesting article and I agree with most of these features; however, I do not think that iPhone need widgets.
  • Let me turn this the other way around - I'd like to see MoLi's Gatekeeper implemented in iOS 6. That way you can have either App Store apps only, app store and approved cydia repositories, or anything you want.
  • It would be nice to have something like bitesms and better Facebook/social networking integration.
  • Great, thanks so much! When do you think the Residence will get the IDX-MLS integration?
  • I love the jailbreak addon Cyntact which shows contacts' pictures in the address book list. Should really be built-in, it makes for a much nicer interface and experience.
  • Alot of what is wished is in Cydia...jjust takes some hunting for issues woth power button or home pressed a lot activator fixes that and look into multiflow tweak very similar to webOS cards
  • I would love to see Apple have folders auto-close when you exit an app. I always get that when I jailbreak because it's just annoying when you have to hit the home button and then close the folder.