Jetstar Airlines to offer in-flight iPads for AU$10

Jetstar Airlines are going to offer passengers in-flight iPads for AU$10 per flight from April, pending licensing agreements with Apple. We reported that Jetstar Airlines had a successful trial period for a iPad based in-flight entertainment system, last summer with the intent to launch before Christmas, so it's safe to say things went well.

The iPads will come preloaded with movies, music, magazines, books, and apps, replacing the current in-flight entertainment systems. The launch will start on Jetstar A320 flights, but marketing manager David May says:

If everything goes as planned — and I see no reason why it wouldn’t “fly” — the airline will expand the service to every aircraft “because the iPads are so much slimmer and lighter than our existing units"

So, would you want your local airline to implement an iPad-based entertainment system? Would you use it?


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