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Jetstar Airlines to offer in-flight iPads for AU$10

Jetstar Airlines are going to offer passengers in-flight iPads for AU$10 per flight from April, pending licensing agreements with Apple. We reported that Jetstar Airlines had a successful trial period for a iPad based in-flight entertainment system, last summer with the intent to launch before Christmas, so it's safe to say things went well.

The iPads will come preloaded with movies, music, magazines, books, and apps, replacing the current in-flight entertainment systems. The launch will start on Jetstar A320 flights, but marketing manager David May says:

If everything goes as planned — and I see no reason why it wouldn’t “fly” — the airline will expand the service to every aircraft “because the iPads are so much slimmer and lighter than our existing units"

So, would you want your local airline to implement an iPad-based entertainment system? Would you use it?


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  • I think that would be pretty innovative and interesting. I'd do it.
  • Do you really have to ask a question at the end of each post, just to get page impressions?
    Thats annoying and a bad style.
    Regarding the airlines: it's great they adopt iPads.
    But what other opinion to you expect on a blog read only by fanboys?
  • I LOL'd. Asking questions at the end of blog posts is a way to encourage community involvement in the comments of a blog post. Many major news organisations such as the BBC even do it in their online reporting.
    I'd love the chance to have an iPad in flight. While I might bring my own or just use an iPhone loaded with my own content, using an iPad provided by an airline would save my own battery and offer me the chance to see new content I might not get the chance to see otherwise.
  • Go get laid and stop complaining about absolutely nothing.
  • @David. Wow did you just wake up in a bad mood? Get your own blog so every post can be up to your standards.
    I would use the service for &10. I just worry how long each unit will last.
  • Wow. Interesting and fun idea. I hope more airlines do this.
  • How will the airline restrict people from deleting stuff?
  • I imagine there would be a special way to prevent application/content deletion from the device (sort of like how you can't remove core apps from the device) which would be given to JetStar as part of their agreement with Apple, or the devices themselves may just be restored to their original state at the end of the flight, clearing off any data entered by the previous user, and reinstalling any content deleted by the previous user.
  • "iPads", not "iPad's"
  • Just like they do in the Apple stores, reformat them after each flight with a standard image
  • Horseshoe loves Jetstar...
  • So they will be removing all other entertainment options? So if you don't pay, you get nothing but an empty seat back to look at? No tv, no movie, not even a magazine? That should go over well with irritated, claustrophobic passengers.
  • Also, are the iPads replacing setback monitors? Or are they loosely distributed about the cabin? In not sure I like the idea of a hundred iPads suddenly becoming heavy, razor edged missiles flying about the cabin cracking peoples skulls the next time a plane hits severe turbulence.
  • Seatback. Stupid autocorrect.
  • I HATE Jetstar!! $10 here $5.00 here $20.00 there discount airline's Phooey! full service are much better, did you know they train their crew for only 3 weeks....most of them just out of school or no hospitality training, first aid ZERO! not just this airline just so the boys up top get the big bucks bonus!!
  • why the apostrophe in "iPads"?