Jimmy Iovine comes under fire for controversial comments about women

Update: Jimmy Iovine has apologized for the comments.

Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine has come under fire today over some controversial comments he made about women during an interview with CBS This Morning. Iovine appeared on the show to talk about a new ad for the music streaming service starring Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, and Mary J. Blige. Talking about the ad, which debuted at the Emmys, Iovine said:

Women find it very difficult at times — some women — to find music.

When asked about his creative concept behind the ad, Iovine continued:

I just thought of a problem, you know: girls are sitting around, talking about boys. Or complaining about boys, when they have their heart broken or whatever. And they need music for that, right? So, it's hard to find the right music. You know, not everybody has the right lists, or knows a DJ or something.

Following his comments, Iovine has come under fire from media outlets and on social media as well. You can view part of the ad, along with Iovine's full interview in the clip above.

Source: CBS This Morning (YouTube)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster