Tidal, a competitor to the Apple-owned Beats Music, already has agreements with several artists for exclusive releases. Iovine has reportedly been attempting to lure some of those artists to Apple's music service. Speaking to Billboard, Jay Z says that he isn't mad about this, but he thinks Iovine needs to take a larger view of the situation:

I think that's just his competitive nature, and I don't know if he's looking at the bigger picture: That it's not about me and it's not about him; it's about the future of the music business.

Iovine has previously been reported to be in talks with artists regarding exclusive albums for iTunes, though it's likely that those exclusives would also come to Beats Music. Apple is currently said to be planning a relaunch of Beats Music as a service inside the iOS Music app, with a relaunch reportedly planned for around WWDC 2015.

Source: Billboard