The June Intelligent Oven wants to make you a better cook

The June Intelligent Oven offers you a new way to cook, a countertop oven for you connected home that can recognize what you're making, automatically adjust temperature, and more.It features both physical and touchscreen controls for temperature and other settings.

June is supposed to be engineered to get the cooking temperature exactly right. It utilizes dual-surround convection to eliminate cold spots and speed up cooking, as well as a built-in core temperature probe for checking the progress of your food.

Using technology like a camera, a built-in scale, and a touchscreen display, June hopes to provide the exact cooking experience you need. Using the scale and camera, June can identify common items that you're cooking, get their weight, and recommend a temperature to achieve your desired result. The oven connects to an iPhone and iPad app to let you see the progress of your meals. The app will also send push notifications when your food it done.

The June Intelligent Oven is available to reserve now with a $95 deposit. It will be available in the spring of 2016 for $1,495.

Source: June

Joseph Keller

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