Learn how to capture nature, landscape, and wildlife photos with this $29 bundle

In practice, photography is the science of light, and learning how to use light sources effectively will help you produce great photos. This is relatively easy in a studio because light can be controlled by the photographer. However, shooting outdoors can be difficult depending on the surroundings, external light sources, and the position of the sun. With this 5-course bundle, you’ll learn how to master outdoor photography for just $29.

The Complete Outdoor Photography Bundle features courses on how to use natural light to your advantage. If you’re new to outdoor photography, the course you should read first is Landscapes & Natural Light by Matt Kloskowski, which will teach you how to work with different types of light and the tools you need to achieve the best possible results. You can supplement your knowledge further with the other courses in this bundle, which cover post-processing techniques and how to capture landscapes and wildlife.

Shooting in natural light requires you to manage far more variables than in a closed studio, but learning how to master them will result in breathtaking photography. You can learn how to master natural light with the Complete Outdoor Photography Bundle for $29, or 93% off.


The Complete Outdoor Photography Bundle - $29

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