Libratone is now officially the third smart speaker brand to support AirPlay 2 with the Zipp

Libratone has just released an update for the first-generation Zipp and Zipp Mini to add support for AirPlay 2. This means you can now control playback on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or HomePod by asking Siri. When you group together multiple AirPlay supported speakers, they can all play the same music at the same time (or separate tunes, it's up to you).

To update your Zipp or Zipp Mini to support AirPlay 2, you'll need the Libratone app, available for free in the App Store.

Once downloaded, make sure your Zipp is added to your list of connected speakers.

Then, tap on the speaker to trigger the update.

Make sure your Zipp or Zipp mini's battery level is above 40% and plug it into its power adapter before updating. You'll also have to keep the app open while the download takes place.

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