Lil Wayne Apple Music Radio Show ArtworkSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Lil Wayne is coming to Apple Music.
  • He'll have a new radio show on Beats 1.
  • The first show will initially air on Instagram before switching to Apple Music.

Artist Lil Wayne is coming to Apple Music, but he isn't going to be doing much – if any – music work. Instead, he'll be hosting a new radio show on Beats 1 called "Young Money Radio". The show will debut Friday, April 24 at 7 pm EST.

Li Wayne made the announcement via an Instagram post, saying that he will be having people call in to discuss "sports, music, comedy... everything" during the show.

We don't know who those callers will be yet, but Lil Wayne says we can expect "heavyweights" which suggests we should expect some big names to pick up the phone. You can listen to them via Apple Music, although tomorrow's show will start on Instagram, too. It'll switch over to Apple Music exclusively "after the first few minutes".