Nothing is more frustrating than trying to charge your iPhone while you're making dinner and having cords and chargers taking up all your precious counter space. This problem is especially compounded if you have multiple devices that you want to charge while you're baking or cooking.

There are a lot of ways to manage your charging more efficiently, which can help you eliminate the stress of a disorganized space. Here are some of my favorite products that can help with kitchen tech clutter.

AmazonBasics USB Outlet

Probably one of the simplest ways to eliminate some clutter is to get rid of that pesky charging brick that every device has, and the AmazonBasics USB Outlet can do just that.

With two USB ports — one 2.4A and one 1.0A — you can charge two devices at once by just plugging them in directly to the outlet; no more charging brick necessary. Plus, it also has three regular outlets that are still usable, so when you need to plug in that mixer to make the perfect whipped cream, you won't have to unplug something else.

You can pick up the AmazonBasics USB Outlet for about $10.

LPQ dual wireless charger

If you have at least two phones that are compatible with Qi wireless charging — like the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X — the LPQ dual wireless charger is worth a look.

Not only will this charger power up two phones at once, but it also eliminate the need for two power bricks and two separate cables, thus saving you space and clutter. The pad itself can easily be put in a place that's out of the way giving you the room you need to get cooking!

You can pick up the LPQ dual wireless charger for about $17.

YOCOU cable clips

If you don't find physical space to be an issue, but the cable mess of all your cords is stressing you out the YOCOU cable clips will keep those cables in check.

The small grooves will hold in pace almost any wire or cord that's ¼-inch or less in diameter, and It has an adhesive back that sticks to any flat surface so you can mount it wherever works best for you.

You can get this 6-pack of YOCOU cable clips for about $7.

BUENTEK Lightning cables

Want less cable mess? Get shorter cables! The BUENTEK Lightning cables are the perfect way to stop cable mess before it starts.

This 5-pack contains cables that are only 8 inches in length, meaning you can plug in your iPhone, lay it on the counter by the outlet, and forget about it.

For only about $10, these cables are nylon-braided meaning they are much more durable than your standard Lightning cable, perfect if you accidentally spill something on them.

If you're tired of cables getting knotted and tied together, these short cables will keep things tidy!

What do you use?

What do you use to cut down on kitchen clutter? Share your charging solutions with us in the comments down below!

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