The best deals on Macs are still here – even though Prime Day is over

Amazon Prime Day is now over, and most of the deals are over. Thankfully, however, some of the best deals on Macs are still around so that you can save money on a new MacBook or Mac. We've been watching and covering sales like this since Prime Day started, and we know how long the best deals stick around for.

Currently, the best deal that is still around is a $250 saving on the MacBook Air M1, which still marks the lowest-ever price for the laptop. The MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch machines are also still reduced, with deep discounts on both. The Mac mini and the iMac haven't seen much in the way of discounts, unfortunately, but there are other spots to find discounted models like B&H Photo.

Worried about price drops following Prime Day having already bought one? Have no fear – Amazon will refund the difference, as long as it had a Prime badge when you bought it and the date is before July 19. 

Editor's top picks

Amazon Prime MacBook Air deals

 MacBook Air M1 |$999$749 at Amazon

 MacBook Air M1 | $999 $749 at Amazon

This fantastic MacBook is now just $749 for Apple silicon power in an ultra-light form factor. This is the same deal that we got over Prime Day, and marks the lowest price ever for the MacBook.

Price check: Apple $999 | B&H Photo $869 | Best Buy $999

MacBook Air M2 | $1299$1249 at Amazon

MacBook Air M2 | $1299 $1249 at Amazon

The MacBook Air M2 is nearing its first birthday, so it’s around now that we start seeing some of the really good deals. Its 512GB model is in stock right now on Amazon, but the 256GB model be snagged elsewhere for $999.

Price check: Apple $1099 | B&H Photo $999 | Best Buy $999

MacBook Air M2 15-inch |$1299$1249at Amazon

MacBook Air M2 15-inch | $1299 $1249 at Amazon

The MacBook Air M2 15-inch is very new, yet it received a healthy $100 discount over Prime Day. This post Prime Day reduction is halved, but its still a great price for such a brand new computer.

Price check: Apple $1299 | B&H Photo $1199 | Best Buy  $1299

Amazon Prime MacBook Pro deals

MacBook Pro 13-inch |$1299 $1099 at Amazon

MacBook Pro 13-inch | $1299 $1099 at Amazon

We've got a lovely $200 off this M2 MacBook Pro, matching the previous best price. This Prime Day deal has stuck around, making for a great price on the touch bar MacBook Pro.

Price check: Apple $1299 | B&H Photo $1149 | Best Buy $1099

MacBook Pro 14-inch |$1999$1799 at Amazon

MacBook Pro 14-inch | $1999 $1799 at Amazon

We were hoping for even more off for Prime Day, but $200 is still a decent chunk out of Apple's newest MacBook Pro. This deal is the same as before Prime Day, and now its the same after Prime Day as well. 

Price check: Apple $1999 | B&H Photo $1999 | Best Buy $1799

MacBook Pro 14-inch 1TB |$2499$2299 at Amazon

MacBook Pro 14-inch 1TB | $2499 $2299 at Amazon

The 1TB version of this is also $200 off, now just $2,299. That includes the M2 Pro Chip and 16GB of Unified memory. This deal was there before Prime Day, during, and now after as well.

Price check: Apple $1999 | B&H Photo $1999 | Best Buy $1799

Amazon Prime Mac deals

Mac mini M2 256GB | Out of stock

Mac mini M2 256GB | Out of stock

The M2 Mac mini is so popular it's impossible to buy on Amazon, but there are some good alternatives. The best place to pick one of these up is B&H Photo, as you can spec up your machine.

Price check: Apple $599 | B&H Photo $599 | Best Buy $599

iMac 24-inch |$1499 at Amazon 

iMac 24-inch | $1499 at Amazon 

The oldest Mac that is still sold, the iMac, and its many colors have seen some incredible deals over the years. Unfortunately, no savings over Prime Day, and none after either.

Price check: Apple $1299 | B&H Photo $1299 | Best Buy $1299

Mac deals elsewhere

Amazon isn't the only place to pick up a discounted Mac over Prime Day, with many rival retailers hosting their own generous sales to keep pace. A favorite outlet of ours is B&H Photo, who often offer extremely generous discounts on higher-spec models. 

MacBook Air M2 Midnight |$1099$949 at B&H Photo

MacBook Air M2 Midnight | $1099 $949 at B&H Photo

This is the best price we've ever seen on the awesome M2 MacBook Air, down to just $949 in every single color. 

MacBook Pro 16-inch with M1 Max |$4899$3,299 at B&H Photo

MacBook Pro 16-inch with M1 Max | $4899 $3,299 at B&H Photo

The most powerful laptop Apple has ever made, this insane spec boasts 64GB of RAM and a 4TB SSD, as well as the 32-core M1 Max GPU. It would normally set you back $5,000 but is $1,600 off in this amazing deal. Available in both Silver and Space Gray. 

The M1 Max features ten cores, too, and this laptop is ideal for developers, photographers, or video editors.

MacBook Pro 16-inch with M1 Pro |$2699$1,899 at B&H Photo

MacBook Pro 16-inch with M1 Pro | $2699 $1,899 at B&H Photo

The M1 Pro MacBook from last year is a highly-capable model, and is discounted here to just $1,849, a saving of $850!

MacBook Pro 14-inch 1TB SSD | (Was $4378) Now$2978 At B&H Photo

MacBook Pro 14-inch 1TB SSD | (Was $4378) Now $2978 At B&H Photo

This 2TB MacBook Pro with 64GB of RAM and a 32-Core GPU M1 Max chip is another spec worth nearly $4,400 that's currently on sale for just $2749. B&H is also offering a deal on the same device without a protection plan for $2,499 instead of $4,099. 

MacBook Pro M1 Max 16-inch, 1TB |$3499 $2599 at B&H

MacBook Pro M1 Max 16-inch, 1TB | $3499 $2599 at B&H

This Apple silicon chip is one of the most powerful to come to the MacBook Pro, and if you're a heavy video editor, you'll have a great time using those apps with this Mac. At $900 off, this only sweetens the deal further.

What is Apple silicon?

M1 MacBook Air

(Image credit: Future)

Apple silicon is just a fancy name for Apple's computer processors. It was announced back in 2020, and since then Apple has replaced every Intel processor in its computers with Apple silicon. The first was the M1, and now there's M2. Each processor has a base model, as well as fancy M1/2 Pro, Max, and Ultra versions of its chips. 

These chips are super powerful compared to the old Intel chips. That makes things like opening windows, web browsing, running multiple apps, photo editing, video editing, and more really speedy. 

These chips are always way more efficient than Intel, so if you're using a laptop they'll offer much better battery life. If you have an Intel powered Mac of any kind, the Apple silicon equivalent you can now upgrade to is going to be a massive leap in performance, so look out for the "M" moniker on each chip. Every Mac recommended in this guide is an Apple silicon Mac. 

About Amazon Prime Day

What is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is one of the best opportunities all year to nab some of the best deals on some of the most desirable tech. There are often the lowest prices on the likes of Macs, iPads, and AirPods, as well as on other products like accessories and displays. 

Is Apple part of Prime Day?

Yes, Apple has an official retail store on the Amazon website and sells nearly all of its products through Amazon. Many of these including MacBooks will receive a discount over Prime Day. 

What can I expect from Prime Day

Over Prime Day, Amazon reduces the prices on loads of its products, from Apple devices to cooking machinery. We're obviously more excited for the former, and we'll keeping track of everything we can – look out especially for Apple accessories, which often see some super solid deals.

Do I need an Amazon Prime account?

Yes, if you want to make the most of the deals over Prime Day you’ll need a Prime account. It’s super easy to get one, and you can even get 30 days for free with the trial so that you won’t pay any of the subscription fees. There are also a couple of deals for those not signed up – although the best ones are reserved for Prime members. 

When is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is happening right now, July 11 and 12. 

Is Prime Day a good time to buy a Mac?

Yes, we always see great deals on a range of MacBooks and desktops over Amazon Prime Day, often on par or better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

What's the best Prime Day MacBook deal?

The best Prime Day MacBook deal is the M1 MacBook Air, which is discounted to just $749, this is the cheapest MacBook you can buy new from Apple and features the M1 Apple silicon chip. 

What is Apple silicon?

Apple silicon is a new range of chips that power Apple's MacBooks and desktops. Previously, this was a job previously done by Intel, but Apple's M1 and M2 chips are much faster and more efficient by comparison. This means that laptops using Apple silicon will have a much better battery life, while still being faster for doing tasks and running multiple windows. 

What if something gets cheaper after Prime Day?

If a product you buy during Prime Day (July 11-12) in the sale, and sold by Amazon, falls again in price before midnight on July 19, Amazon will refund you the difference. 

When does Prime Day end?

Prime Day ends at midnight local time on July 12. That means you've got the whole of today left to grab a fantastic deal.

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