How to use Google Bard

How to use Google Bard
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AI is everywhere just now, and it seems like a race against time to incorporate a chatbot into a search engine. Microsoft has released its Bing search engine with OpenAi’s ChatGPT, and now it’s time for Google to enter the conversation.

Google Bard is Google’s chatbot using Google’s LAMDA LLM (Large Language Model) instead of the OpenAI GPT4 LLM that Bing uses. If you’ve previously used Bing chatbot or ChatGPT on iPhone, the conversations and general replies will differ. 

Currently separate from Google Search, Bard will be incorporated into the Google we use daily after it exits the “experimental phase.” But for now, you can test out Bard and see firsthand how this software can potentially overhaul the way we use search engines entirely.

How to use Google Bard

How to use Google Bard

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Google Bard is currently free to use and open to the public. That being said, you’ll need to sign up for the waitlist, although I was accepted and granted access to Bard within a couple of minutes. The whole process is straightforward to do and definitely worth a try.

  1. Head to

The first thing you need to do is head over to the Google Bard homepage. It’s worth noting that is also the URL to access the chatbot after you’ve been accepted.

  1. Join the waitlist

On the front page, click Join Waitlist. You must be over 18 years old and have a Google account. Once you sign into your Google account, the waiting begins.

  1. Wait for an email

Once you’ve joined the waitlist, it’s a waiting game until Google says, “It’s your turn to try Bard.” You’ll receive an email, and then you’re good to play around with the latest AI chatbot.

  1. Head back to

Now you’ve got the golden ticket, head back to the Bard launch page. You should have instant access on the launch page but may need to log in to your Google account again to sync everything up.

What can Google Bard do?

  • Travel Itineraries

How to use Google Bard

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I’m going to Berlin in a few weeks, and as a massive foodie, I want to know the best places to eat in the German capital. So I asked Google Bard for the best restaurants in Berlin for a five-day trip and was pleasantly surprised by the results. In a blink of an eye, far quicker than my time trying Bing, Bard had answered my query. Although I didn’t put a budget so, Bard obviously thinks I’m made of money and can eat at Michelin Star restaurant every night - I wish!

  • Asking questions

How to use Google Bard

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Ted Lasso on Apple TV Plus has been a commercial and critical success since it started in 2020. Now, onto the third and final season, I was curious about where the show was filmed in London. Again, Bard gave me a simple paragraph detailing the information I wanted and, again, in genuine milliseconds.

Another cool option in this “experimental phase” is the ability to choose between multiple drafts of what Google’s AI has mustered up. This means you can check to verify the information rather than accept the first response you get.

  • Quick Google searches with a difference

How to use Google Bard

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I used Bard in the same way I would use Google by asking for info on topics I want some background on. For example, I wondered about Martin Scorsese’s most critically acclaimed films and got a full breakdown of awards to help with my next movie night selection.

I see the benefit of Bard, and when the chatbot gets added to Google directly, it will be a game changer. If you improve something everyone uses daily, then it’s a no-brainer.

Start using Google Bard today

Signing up for Google Bard is easy and quick. Try it for yourself and see how the future of Google will likely be THE main use case for commercial AI. Google Bard works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so you can try Google’s AI chatbot on any of your Apple devices.

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