You can save $200 on the latest M3 MacBook Air right now

MacBook Air M3 13 inch
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Apple's WWDC 2024 is around the corner, and macOS 15 is expected to start bringing AI features to the Mac lineup (as well as iPhone and iPad, too).

With no hardware expected at the event, that means you can pick up an M3 MacBook Air (the laptop Apple specifically called out AI tasks for when it was announced) and feel safe in the knowledge it won't be immediately usurped.

Better yet, we've found a deal on Amazon that can net you a significant discount on Apple's latest MacBook Air.

The retailer is offering $200 off of the MSRP, bringing the base spec 13-inch M3 MacBook Air (that's 8GB of RAM and 256 SSD storage) down to just $899.

13-inch MacBook Air | $899 at Amazon

13-inch MacBook Air | $899 at Amazon

Still the current model at the time of writing, the M3 MacBook Air is a fantastic laptop for all but the most demanding users, and at this price you can get it for around the same price as the M2 model.

In our five-star review, we noted that despite no changes from the M2 model, the M3 marks a good step up in terms of GPU performance.

We said:

"In reality, not much has changed with the M3 15-inch MacBook Air, but not much had to change either. Its build quality and design principles were great to start with, so a year-on-year spec bump that blurs the line between what would have been a premium machine last year and is now seen as an entry-level device is quite remarkable."

"For gamers in particular, the M3 devices are a real step up, offering a significantly better experience thanks to new bells and whistles like ray tracing."

Will we get an M4 version soon? It's likely one day, for sure, but for now, this is a great deal on a great laptop.

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