Umpteenth verse, same as the first -- Macworld turned their iPhone ebook into and app and submitted it to the iTunes App Store. It was rejected. Several times. Finally editor Jason Snell expressed his frustration on Twitter and several high profile blogs picked it up. Apple called him immediately to try and make it right.

Good for Macworld. Bad for all the developers who lack the same megaphone by virtue of their job and connections.

Granted, with 100,000+ apps, the non-sensical and erroneous rejections remain a tiny percentage, but even a tiny percentage of 100,000+ represents many developers' time, effort, and money. It's frustrating for them and embarrassing for Apple.

Tim Cook and Phil Schiller claim they're making improvements, and no doubt they are. From a pure perception point of view, however, this is one issue that needs fixing sooner rather than later.