Make some calls with a new iPhone XR for just $15 a month

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There are a lot of different types of smartphone buyers out there. You got Person A who spends as much money as possible on the most recent generation and biggest version. Then you've got Person B who does the exact opposite, spending as little as possible and settling for stuff they get for free. Then there's the normal person, the You person, the person who's willing to spend some money but wants the best value possible. I fall in that category, and if you're like me, then you should look at Sprint right now. You can get the iPhone XR 64GB smartphone for just $15 a month for 18 months.

If you want an even more budget option, you can get the iPhone 6s for $99.99 on a Sprint unlimited plan.


Apple iPhone XR 64GB smartphone new line

Deal requires you to sign up with a new line based on approved credit. You'll commit to Sprint's 18-month Flex Lease and you'll get a $10 a month promo credit every month to cut into the price of the phone.

The Flex Lease is an 18-month lease. After that time is up, you can return the phone and upgrade to a new model or buy the rest of the price of the phone. If you choose to buy out the phone instead of upgrading to whatever new iPhone is out at the time, you can either pay off the rest in one lump sum or choose a six-month payment plan. Sprint also has the iPhone Forever plan where you can upgrade to the newest iPhone any time after 12 lease payments.

Once you're signed up, you will get a $10 promo credit applied to every monthly bill, knocking the price down from $25 to $15. The default starts you with the 64GB version. It looks like you can upgrade to the 256GB version for the same price if you want, but if you go with the 128GB version you'll have to pay $50 upfront. You have all six color options to choose from, but those options vary at the larger sizes, with the 128GB version only available in Black and the 256GB only available in Yellow or Coral.

Check out our review of the iPhone XR where we gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. Rene Ritchie said "It has almost everything you'd want in a flagship phone for 2018, minus the price tag that's typically coming with them these days." Thank goodness you don't have to worry about that. He added, "thanks to Apple's top-of-the-line hardware engineering and the headroom afforded by A12 Bionic, it'll last you or anyone you sell or hand it down to a good long while to come, maybe as long as a couple of phones that are half the price."

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