Mavericks adds new AppleScript and Automator functions

The news isn't all bad for AppleScript users moving to Mavericks - while the new iWorks apps may be a step in the wrong direction, there's also some new functionality to talk about. iCloud Sync, Notifications and Libraries are just some of the features that get touched with new AppleScript support in Mavericks, according to TUAW.

Among the many improvements in Mavericks is much more thorough support for iCloud, which is really the glue that holds data together between iOS and OS X. So it makes sense that iCloud gets an AppleScript boost in this new release.

You can also use AppleScript and Automator to ping you through Notifications in Mavericks. Code can be kept in the Library directory where any AppleScript can access it, and develoeprs can now generate signed copies of applets and droplets - making it easier to distribute them to users whose Gatekeeper security restrictions might otherwise prevent them from running.

Source: TUAW