The App Store already plays host to several mobile apps that allow users to view and edit documents and spreadsheets, but how about an official MS Office app for iOS that you can natively edit and view all MS Office formats in? Hints persist that it may be coming.  We'll have to call this one a rumor for now, but considering Bing is already available for the iPhone, it's plausible.  Apple and Microsoft seem to be playing nice lately, so we won't rule it out.

It seems a job posting for Microsoft may indicate this is the case.  The following is an excerpt from the posting:

"In addition to the current Windows Mobile 6.5 and upcoming WM7 clients, with the recently announced alliance between Microsoft and Nokia we are working to bring Office Mobile to hundreds of millions of Nokia smartphone owners, followed by other leading Smartphone platforms."

iOS is definitely a leading smartphone platform, but there's also others, so we'll just have to wait and see on this one. What do you guys think?

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