Bing Community Blog has announced that Microsoft is "sprinkling some Cocoa" on their Bing. (No laughing!):

The Bing iPhone and Mac SDK is available for download on CodePlex, open source under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

The SDK provides:

  • The ability to easily query Bing from within your Cocoa or Cocoa Touch application.
  • Perform both synchronous and asynchronous queries.
  • Search Bing for Web, Image, Video, News, and Phonebook results.

We hope that you'll be able to make some great Cocoa/iPhone apps that harness the power of Bing!

Happy Bing-ing!

Of course, the iPhone's default search is Google, with Yahoo! as an option, and Bing will soon be powering Yahoo! search, so it's ipso de post facto (pardon the Latin-ish) it's already there, but still it will be interesting to see what kind of iPhone apps come of -- and leverage -- this. We just hope it really makes an awesome "BING!" sound whenever a query hits the index...