Modern Dad says Echo Dot is the best Alexa ...

You almost can't go wrong picking any of the three versions of Amazon Echo. That's the official name, of course, for the little connected speaker thing that we affectionately refer to as Alexa. But the simple fact is that there are three of them, at different price points.

So you have a decision to make, and one that's even more important given that we're smack in the middle of the holiday gift-giving season.

If you've got 2 minutes, I'll walk you through my favorite of the bunch. That's less time than it takes to order an Echo, actually — and it goes even quicker if you use Alexa to order another Echo. (But that's a whole different layer of Alexa inception, and another video for another time.)

So get to it!

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Marc Lagace

Pop culture geek, hopelessly addicted to streaming movies, tv shows, and podcasts. Would be lost in life without unlimited data.

  • Not really any great detail on why to go with the Dot or the original. I have the original as I wanted the speaker.
  • He explicitly says that the speaker on the original isn't worth the extra $130, and the dot can connect wirelessly to other speakers. It's subjective, but how much more detail could you want?
  • How about an actual review?
    These short snippets seem barely better than just posting affiliate links and saying "buy from us so we can get money!"
  • Thanks for that. $130 looks better in my pocket