The mophie Juice Pack Connect may be discounted for Prime Day — but we suggest staying away

Mophie Juice Connect Case
Mophie Juice Connect Case (Image credit: mophie)

While mophie makes a lot of great products, we're not sold on the mophie Juice Pack Connect. The idea is you place a sticker permanently on the back of your iPhone or its case, and the battery pack slides into place over the sticker and charges your iPhone wirelessly. However, it doesn't have the best reviews, and I'm not sure that I'd want a battery-attachment sticker on my phone or phone case all the time anyway. We've got some other suggestions for you, whether you prefer one of the best portable batteries or one of the best MagSafe batteries (if you have an iPhone 12 or newer).

Although the mophie Juice Pack Connect is severely discounted for Prime Day at just $49.58 at Amazon, there are a ton of other deals that may offer you more bang for your buck, like our second pick below: The mophie Snap + Juice Pack. You may also want to check out the best Prime Day Apple Deals to start.

You've got to charge on the go sometimes

You don't have to buy just any Prime Day deal; we're here to help you find the best of the best. While mophie is a well-known and beloved battery pack maker, not all of mophie's batteries are created equal. If you want our advice, skip the Juice Pack Connect and snag mophie's Snap+ Juice Pack (MagSafe users) or Powerstation mini (for anyone) instead.

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