EQ5 Stand Side 1

The Motorola EQ5 Wireless Speaker for iPhone 3G/3GS  and iPod Touch is one awesome Bluetooth stereo speaker setup. Looking for a good speakerphone? Need an excellent portable speaker with surprisingly good sound? This might be for you! It is currently available in the TiPb Accessory store for $99.95.

I have been searching for the perfect complement to my iPhone; an external speaker that sounds great, small, portable and asks like a phone. What did I find? The Motorola EQ5 (part of the Moto Rokr brand) portable stereo Bluetooth system. You might remember I reviewed the Blueant stereo speaker in the past; I really liked it and the missing piece for me was the ability to have great sounding stereo sound. Guess what? I have found it in the Moto EQ5. Read after the break to learn more!

EQ5 TopThe Moto EQ5 is small and light. Its Dimensions are 4.6 x 2.55 x 0.59 inches; totally pocket-worthy if need be (it is almost the same size as the iPhone actually). The face of the device has the usual suspects including volume up/down and play/skip controls. The bottom of the device has a rubber grip around the edges and a built-in kickstand to prop the device to a convenient 45 degree angle. The On/Off switch is on the bottom a USB port on the left for charging and 3.5 jack for connecting to non-Bluetooth players. Oh, and let's not forget the bass ports on both sides for some sweet sounds...

I have carried this speaker with me everywhere; the car, my desk, kitchen, you name it. This device is really useful. Imagine taking a speaker base and making it portable. That is what you get with the Moto EQ5. The sound is fantastic. Not being an audiophile, I can't find room for complaint, but some more discerning audio listeners may. For what the device is, you can't go wrong.

EQ5 Side USBOf course there is the bonus of the device being wireless, and you also can answer and make phone calls with the Moto EQ5 as well. The device uses the same noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology as found in other Motorola headsets. The battery life on this device has been stellar. I was MIA for a couple of weeks, returned to my Moto EQ5 and it worked for another 6 hours before needing a recharge.

I am really trying hard to find any distinguishable take-away from this device, but it is almost perfect from every perspective. This has to be one of my favorite iPhone accessories of all time; I absolutely love it.