Apple Music's Spotify Wrapped rival, Replay, has finally arrived — and it's still not as good

Apple Music Replay
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Spotify did more than just change the world in which we listen to our music — it shifted the way that we interact with it, with metrics presented with flair that most other streaming services lack. 

One of the coolest that comes around every year is ‘Spotify Wrapped,’ A shareable ‘story’ that shows you and your friends all your embarrassing music secrets, as well as how long you’ve listened overall in minutes. 

Now, Apple Music's version, named ‘Apple Music Replay’ is back for 2023.

The service lets you see your most listened-to music, including track, album, genre, and artist. Once it’s all finished and you’ve scrolled through your results, you get a fancy playlist that Apple puts together for you. Replay 2023 will show you all those stats from the last year and then let you share them with your Apple Music-using and non-Apple Music-using friends.

Apple Music Replay 2023 — iMore’s take

Apple Music Replay simply isn’t as good as the scoring systems and engaging ways of seeing your listening habits in Spotify. Wrapped is just one part of the puzzle, although it is a big, colorful one.

Using a webpage rather than the Apple Music app, you can find out your stats by logging in and clicking a couple of buttons. It’s fun, yes, but it lacks the entertainment value and ease of use of the Spotify option. It's shorter, the animations less involved, and the stats less in-depth.

The weirdest bit? It’s formatted like a phone screen. It looks fine if you go to the webpage on your phone, but it still feels like it was designed to go in the app — and it feels very, very strange that it doesn’t.

Apple Music is getting better and better, and there are loads of reasons to pick it over the Green alternative. Fun, personality, and user engagement, however, are not one of them.

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