Apple will now help you find concerts and gigs in Apple Maps with Apple Music

Apple concerts and Apple Setlist
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In its latest Apple Music press release, Apple is bringing more music discovery opportunities to its users, albeit this time it wants you to find more in the real world. Using Apple Maps, Apple will tell you all about local gig and concert venues, as well as upcoming concerts for your favorite artists.

There are two parts to Apple's new Approach – Apple Music Guides, rolling out today, and Apple Music's Setlists, also coming out today.

Discover local music

Apple Maps Guides will help you find more music in certain cities; 10 to start with, in fact. They are hand-selected venues and "culture hubs" that have been chosen by Apple Music Editors, with some of the best places to experience live music. "From landmark Viennese symphony halls to cutting-edge techno clubs in Brooklyn and Tokyo," those lucky enough to live in one of the first ten cities will be shown around the local music scene.

For those not part of the initial 10 cities, you can use the inbuilt Shazam concert discovery module, letting you view local concerts and gigs from "the world-renowned event recommendation and artist discovery platform Bandsintown." All of these options are viewable in the Apple Maps app and are rolling out today.

Apple Music Setlists space "shines a light on a selection of major tours, letting fans listen to set lists and read about the productions." This adds to the already hefty database of music information available on the platform. The space can also be used to find local concerts and gigs by your favorite bands, letting you see when they'll next be playing using Shazam's concert discovery module. Like the Apple Maps Guides, these features will be rolling out today.

The new features sound brilliant, although the former is locked down to only ten cities: "Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, and San Francisco in North America; Berlin, London, Paris, and Vienna in Europe; Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney in the Asia-Pacific region; and Mexico City in Latin America." Hopefully, more cities will be added in the future, allowing more users to get around using their best iPhones.

This could also be really useful if you're visiting a city and want to adventure around – making for an extra way to help you plan your vacation.

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