YouTube Music now supports podcasts, just like Spotify

YouTube Music
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For users in the United States, YouTube Music just became a whole lot more useful. Google has brought podcasts to its music streaming app, adding a whole new library of content for users, helpfully included in one app. This brings the streaming app in line with other streamers, like Spotify, which also feature podcasts within the app.

As Spotify falters, it looks like more streaming platforms are moving in to offer what Spotify once did, or even features it hopes to add in the future.

More content for your library

Having podcasts in the app certainly streamlines things. Now, instead of needing separate apps to get your podcast fix, you can find it in the same place that you'd find Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles. YouTube Music already features some cool extras, such as music from the YouTube video library, so this addition is a nice extra.

The announcement comes from a press release from Google itself, which says of the news "All listeners can enjoy podcasts on-demand, offline, in the background, while casting and seamlessly switching between audio-video versions on YouTube Music." 

It's that last part that is actually the most interesting – if you've been listening to or watching a podcast on the YouTube video app, you can now carry on from where you left off on the audio app. That's something that no-other streamer can boast.

It now looks like Spotify's feature set has been thoroughly plundered. Amazon Music and Apple Music both offer hi-res streaming options, something Spotify has had planned for some time and now YouTube Music's new podcast feature, Spotify looks like it's got no unique selling points left. Beyond being green. Like Shrek.

Unfortunately, it's only for users in the United States as of right now, but hopefully, the update will be coming to more territories soon. Perhaps this could be another reason to switch from Spotify on your best iPhone

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