Apple TV+ dramatically expands total viewership by 42%

This image is of actors Michelle Monaghan and Mark Wahlberg in the movie, "The Family Plan."
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The world of streaming services has become hyper-competitive as of late, with so many services vying for the latest comedies, dramas, limited-series offerings, as well as documentaries, sci-fi features, animated movies, musicals, and more. Yet despite the competition, this past year appears to be shaping up to be a blockbuster year for Apple TV+. That’s because, for starters, it increased its total viewship by 42%, year over year, as well as doubling the hours consumed by viewers. 

What’s more, is that according to Deadline, it appears that Apple TV+ has achieved a number of impressive personal-best records: For instance, last week, “The Family Plan,” starring Mark Wahlberg debuted as the most viewed movie in Apple TV+ history, and that “The Morning Show,” featuring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, broke the record for a series, in which it increased its audience by 20%.

Apple TV+ seems on track to produce more in-demand shows in 2024.

The Deadline story also mentioned other impressive achievements, including that Apple’s series “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” premiered as the top first-season drama and that “Lessons in Chemistry” has become Apple TV+’s top limited series thus far.

But perhaps this increase in viewers in a variety of genres isn’t all that surprising given that in late September, Apple TV+ was named the best streaming service for original movies, beating out some very prominent streaming platforms, most notably Netflix, but also Hulu, Paramount+, Disney+ and others. Parrot Analytics, which compiled the data and created the report, said that from January 1, 2023 through August 26, 2023, Apple TV+ had the most in-demand shows available, according to Techradar.

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  • Ledsteplin
    Would Monarch: Legacy of Monsters have anything to do with it? TV+ just went from $6.99 to $9.99. I subscribed for Monarch, and no other reason.