Brad Pitt is training in a real F2 car for Apple TV Plus' Formula 1 movie

Brad Pitt with Lewis Hamilton and Tim Cook
(Image credit: Mario Renzi/Formula 1/Getty Images)

Apple TV Plus is working on a Formula 1 film starring Brad Pitt, and it's shaping up to be a really promising one. We know a few details about this film already, like how Jerry Bruckheimer and Joseph Kosinksi at the helm, and how Brad Pitt will be driving a Mercedes-designed car. But now, some more details have emerged.

Julien Fébreau from Canal Plus has some exciting new details about the film. Apparently, Brad Pitt is currently training in an actual F2 car right now, and his team in the film will be called "Apex," although the name of the film itself is yet to be confirmed.

Brad Pitt training at Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France

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The Fébreau scoop (via Las Motorsport) says that Brad Pitt has been training in an F2 car for close to 1000kms at the Circuit Paul Ricard located in the south of France. The car is a Mercedes-developed one, which seems to be involved in the making of the film, along with its star driver, Lewis Hamilton, who is a producer on the film.

This new report said the following about the training, contradicting some information from a recent report:

"Brad Pitt will be driving solo on the Silverstone track between F1 sessions.

He will not be sharing the track with other drivers, and there will be no “11th team” during the current F1 season.

Filmed scenes of Brad Pitt on the track will be combined with real footage from the 2023 F1 season, creating an authentic backdrop for his performance."

It's also being reported that Damson Idris has joined the cast of the film and will be playing another F1 driver alongside Pitt. Idris' character is apparently inspired by Lewis Hamilton, who has previously said this will be the "best racing movie that's ever existed."

Release details on the film are yet unknown, but with production underway, we can expect more news soon, including more details about the theatrical and streaming release.

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