Severance season 2 filming continues in Newfoundland following writers' strike woes

A shot from Severance, the Apple TV Plus sci-fi thriller
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The WGA writer's strike may have led to rumors of Severance season 2 production delays, but it now looks like filming is going ahead in a new location: Newfoundland.

CBC News says that the show has been filmed in Bonavista, Keels, and Port Union – and we're not supposed to know, but the residents are so excited that they can't keep it quiet. 

Bringing new life to small towns

The production, starring Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette, has reawakened old buildings in the small towns. The report says that they're using an old fish plant – the Town manager for Trinity Bay North, Darryl Johnson says "They're doing a scene at the old fish plant down there and people [were] calling and said, 'What's going on at the fish plant? Is that [opened] up again?'"

The residents are glad to see the various boosts from the show's production, as the tourism and service industry both serve those working on the show. It seems like they've brought jobs as well, with some locals now working as security for the production of the show.

Show makers continue to try and keep everything hush-hush, however. When filming outside her inn, owner Tanya Warren was told to stay away from windows and avoid going in front of the property so as not to see any part of the filming – although it's, in her words, "impossible not to take a peek."

Severance season 2  is still someway off, and no one really knows when it will air. It will follow on from the story of season 1, with its dystopian theming and (hopefully) stellar writing. Either way, while the writer's strike will no doubt continue to affect the show, as writers cease work looking for better treatment in a world dominated by streaming, it's heartening to know that some work continues on one of the best shows on Apple TV+.

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