Taste-testing the Ted Lasso ice cream: is it as sweet as Ted himself?

Ted Lasso ice cream in front of poster
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Believe it! Apple has partnered with boutique ice cream company Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to create a limited edition ice cream flavor based on the Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso, called “Ted Lasso - Biscuits with the Boss.” So naturally we headed over for a taste test!

According to Jeni’s, expect "Crumbly shortbread cookies in buttery sweet cream. Salty, mouthwatering, conversation-worthy." Does the end result match the drool-worthy description?

Wait... why Ted Lasso biscuits and ice-cream?

As a fan of the show, I have been intrigued by the delicious biscuits (the British term for cookies) that essentially have their own storyline on the show. The relentlessly sweet Ted (played by Jason Sudeikis) bakes and brings these melt-in-the-mouth biscuits to his frosty boss Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) every day. She is initially reluctant to even taste them, as she tends to avoid sweets. But of course, one bite, and she is addicted. 

Over the course of the first season, these seemingly magical biscuits (and Ted’s infectious optimism and kindness) melt Rebecca’s cold exterior and reveal the sweet person within. So of course, like all Ted Lasso fans, I’d love to taste these biscuits for myself. You can find the official Ted Lasso biscuit recipe online and bake them yourself if you’re so inclined. The recipe calls for just four ingredients: butter, confectioner’s sugar, flour, and salt. But isn't everything better with ice-cream? Myself, and obviously Jeni's, agree.

Ted Lasso ice cream in front of the store

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Jeni’s is a small ice cream chain with less than two dozen “scoop shop” locations across the US, but the ice cream is available in thousands of grocery store freezers. The serious fan can even have Jeni’s ice cream shipped on dry ice, anywhere in the US. 

I happen to live just a couple of miles from a Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams location. So when the Apple x Jeni’s collaboration was announced, I was one of the first in line at my local scoop shop to try this sweet and buttery new flavor even before the shop opened on March 2. 

Yes, five of us Ted Lasso fans stood in line outside the ice cream shop on a Thursday morning.

And it's still winter in our corner of the world.

The Ted Lasso Taste Test

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams including Ted Lasso Biscuits with the Boss in a freezer

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Is Ted Lasso’s Biscuits with the Boss ice cream as sweet as the tv show? 

Frankly, it could be sweeter! 

This ice cream base is definitely salted butter-forward. It's delicious, but it's saltier than most ice creams. You might think the ice cream would resemble a salted caramel; it's similar, but less sweet than that. The cookie chunks taste exactly how you'd imagine they would: dense, buttery, sweet, salty, and chewy. It's quite a nice balance of flavors, and not like any ice cream I've had before, including the many Jeni's ice creams I've tasted. Overall, the ice cream fits Jeni's description precisely. If it sounds like a taste experience you'd enjoy, you'll love it.

Karen and Ted Lasso posing with ice cream

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I think a big reason for the popularity of Ted Lasso is the show’s overall tone of sweetness and positivity, especially since it came out in the height of the pandemic when the world was sorely lacking in optimism. The show’s tone is driven by the title character, who maintains his essential good-hearted nature even in the face of challenging obstacles. While Biscuits with the Boss isn't quite as sweet as Coach Lasso himself, it's sure to put a smile on your face.

Ted Lasso close up, Believe

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This ice cream isn’t Apple’s only unusual collaboration. In fact, there have been many weird Apple collaborations over the years that you probably forgot (or wish you could forget.) 

And if Ted Lasso ice cream isn't on the menu for you, but you're still looking for a soccer football-themed fix, you won't have long to wait for Ted Lasso season 3, which starts streaming on Apple TV Plus on March 15. Go team!

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