You could make Apple TV Plus shows with the new Apple Studio Directors Program

Apple Studio Directors Program
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If you've ever dreamed of being able to make content for Apple TV Plus, then this could be your chance. Applications for the Apple Studio Directors Program are opening on February 23 and running through to March 31. That gives you a week to polish off that portfolio, and get your directorial hat on. Successful participants of the six-month program "will be positioned to direct for Apple TV+", after all.

You'll need to head to the Apple Studio Directors Program site to sign up, although the application window is not yet open, so you'll have to wait a few days.

The next Ted Lasso director?

It doesn't say which of the best Apple TV Plus shows you'll be a part of, but the blurb on the website is an exciting one. As said up top, it's a six-month program that will see you doing a range of activities aiming to get you ready for the world of film and TV at Apple TV Plus. From the press release:

"The six-month program offers masterclasses focused on building and sustaining a career as a working episodic director. The program will feature discussions with seasoned industry professionals focusing on the craft and business of directing, opportunities to participate as shadowing directors on Apple Studios series, and a one-of-a-kind experience in Apple Park tailored to inspire innovation and creativity."

Apple says that the program is inclusive, "In which every voice is heard" so there's encouragement for those in marginalized communities, and women to apply. For an industry as locked down as the movie and TV industry, this could be an incredible opportunity for things to get a little more diverse.

If you're successful in joining the program and go on to complete it, then you'll be put forward as a new director for Apple TV Plus content, with a "front seat to Apple Studios productions". You'll have benefited from numerous networking opportunities too – so if you're in any way interested in a career in directing, then this could be the best opportunity to fast-track getting your foot in the door.

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